Sneaky Dems create Obamacare reconciliation loophole

The “reconciliation” option – allowing the senate to break a deadlock by only 51 votes instead of 60 – was designed only for BUDGET bills.  The purpose?  To prevent disagreements over minor budget items from blocking the passage of an entire budget.  It was never to be used for bills which addressed major policy issues. 

But the extreme-left Democrats, quickly realizing they may not be able to get even 60 votes from their own party, now want to use this so-called “nuclear option” of “reconciliation”…not to pass a mere budget item, but to enact an entire policy change – the takeover of your healthcare by government!  

This is the last resort option of radical Leftists who are determined to ram their policies through, come hell or high water, in defiance of the wishes of the American people, whom they claim to represent! 

While few were watching, the Democrats were at work today paving a short cut to passing Obamacare through the reconciliation process. From CBS News via Political Wire:

Now that health care reform is moving to the floor of the Senate, Democratic leaders are parsing over the details of the bill, devising ways secure 60 votes for reform — starting today, however, they do not necessarily have to.

This past summer, the Senate wrote into its budget rules that beginning Oct. 15, they could use a procedural maneuver called “reconciliation” to pass health care reform, which would allow the bill to pass with 51 votes instead of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster. A committee in the House of Representatives today quietly took the precautions necessary to allow the Senate to proceed with reconciliation, if it comes to that…

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