False Propheteering

Obama’s true-believing socialist ideology and agenda begins to reveal itself in another attack on the banks.

Profits are the enemy, we are lately told. They are a demon possessing the national soul, to be exorcised by the high priests of government.

Perhaps this all began with Hillary Clinton, back in late 2007, clomping toward her inevitable ascension to the Presidency. She noted the record profit of 39 billion dollars by Exxon and targeted it for redistribution to causes she deemed worthier. The man who supplanted her at the helm, Barack Obama, has been no less derisory of profit and its misguided seekers. Beyond campaign rhetoric in this vein, Obama besmirched profit in a commencement address at Notre Dame. He recommended graduates consider employment at nonprofits or in government.

Yesterday this trend reached a peak when the President announced a proposal to tax heavily banking profits and executive compensation he declared obscene. Despite the notorious legal difficulty in identifying behaviors eligible for this adjective, our chief executive apparently knows it when he sees it. People thus afflicted by moral blindness must have their money confiscated by the visionaries who occupy our capital.

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