The American Dream: Why the Tyrants Can Never Win

Our Founders had a profound understanding of human nature and of the burning desire for freedom that is planted in the very essence of who we are as human beings. This is why the Constitution was written so as to allow that yearning for freedom to flourish and grow. Our Founders knew that each person would have the best opportunity to achieve their potential when not chained by an oppressive government. Barack Obama’s statements that the Constitution is a “deeply flawed” document only serve to reveal his deeply flawed and naive understanding of human nature, and what it means to be a truly free people. Not only that, but he has completely missed the point of the Constitution, and the precious American dream that our Founders bought for us with their sweat and blood.

We are beginning to see the pendulum swing and Americans are beginning to fight for their liberties and the American dream. The Tenth Amendment movement is one of the latest manifestations of the age old fight for freedom. We can press on knowing that we have the weight of human history behind us as we fight for the American dream. Tyranny may win for a season, but in the end the human “yearning to breathe free” will rise. This encoding of freedom into humanity’s DNA is why tyrants can never truly win.

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