Anti-Christianity: A Textbook Case

It’s amazing how people can spend hours in debate about what should and should not be taught in public schools, all the while ignoring a fundamental point: what gives any of these people the right to decide what OUR kids should be taught?  Isn’t that ultimately the parent’s right to decide? It certainly USED to be, before government got involved!

If we had a truly free market system of schools that honored the rights of parents and children to determine their own futures, this wouldn’t even be an issue. 

Parents could choose schools based on how well they met their children’s needs and honored the values that the parents were trying to teach at home.   A great variety of schools and programs would emerge to meet the different niches of demand, and the parents would truly have the freedom to choose.

This is what we’ve been robbed of, by allowing government to confiscate our tax dollars in exchange for a crappy government school monopoly that pleases no one (and barely educates, either).

[T]he attitude of secular hatred, or just plain old everyday contempt, for Christian viewpoints, right ones or wrong ones, is the explosive matter in fusses such as the New York Times Magazine starts over…over not very much, really.

The people — liberals chiefly — who invoked the power of government to oust religion from public places found two could play at that little game. So it goes, on a parallel track, with abortion. Supreme Court arrogance in snatching a complex question from the jurisdiction of popularly elected legislators caused resentments to grow and tempers to flare and the controversy over unborn human life to drag on, world without end, Amen.

Main thing to remember, maybe, is what happens when, by political hook or crook, you try to pry sensitive, complex questions, and the means of resolving those questions, from the hands of those who don’t automatically acknowledge your intellectual superiority. The folks tend to resent it. They find ways of going around you.

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