Obama Medicare Czar: ‘Excellent health care is, by definition, redistribution’ rather than ‘darkness of private enterprise’

Another White House Marxist reveals his true colors.

Dr. Donald Berwick, nominated by President Barack Obama to run Medicare and Medicaid, praised the government-owned British National Health Service (NHS) for not letting their health care system “play out in the darkness of private enterprise.”
Berwick, a Harvard pediatrician and a Knight Commander of the British Empire for his decades-long work with the NHS, made the comments in a 2008 speech wishing the NHS a happy 60th birthday.
Berwick, who said that Britain “chose well” in establishing a health care system completely controlled by the government, contrasted the NHS with the American health care system, which he derided as being dominated by private doctors, hospitals, and insurers instead of the government.

“You could have let an unaccountable system play out in the darkness of private enterprise instead of accepting that a politically accountable system must act in the harsh and, admittedly, sometimes very unfair, daylight of the press, public debate, and political campaigning,” he added.
Berwick continued, calling the American system “monstrous,” because it did not use the “tax base” to pay for health care. Berwick also said that any “just” health care system “must” redistribute wealth from richer to poorer.

“Excellent health care is, by definition, redistribution,” said Berwick, who was nominated by Obama in April to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees Medicare.

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