Patriot housewives leading the charge

Fantastic article by a mommy patriot, Stephani Scruggs, on American Majority:

I got to thinking about the movement today – specifically Unite In Action & the 2010 March on DC.  In a moment of exhaustion fueled pity, I couldn’t help but think…I’m just a housewife, how the heck am I going to fit all this into one day?  I don’t have a legion of personal assistants…I don’t even have one.  I am not paid, yet I am working from the time I get up in the morning until the wee hours of the next.  (And let me tell you, moms with children under the age of 6 REALLY should to get to bed before 2am EVERY night….because the kids are going to wake up at 7am whether we like it or not).  My kids have learned to make their own sandwiches, and don’t even ask me when I vacuumed last.  I’m lucky if I can squeeze in a shower every other day, and my kids think the computer & telephone are evil devices which have surgically attached themselves to Mommy.  I have a house to clean, bills to juggle, kids to raise, 6 chickens, 3 dogs, 1 pregnant goat and a husband to care for.

Meanwhile, my phone rings off the hook and my 3 email boxes are overflowing with people asking what do we do now?  How do we save the country?  Is it too late? Tell us what to do – we need TOOLS!  Then the media jumps in to label myself and my compatriots as angry, greedy, racist, white men and calls us a vile name previously only heard in XXX theaters.  It is enough to drive a girl stark raving mad! When the first call came in this morning (8am on a Sunday no less) all I could think is “I’M JUST A HOUSEWIFE!”

Then it occurred to me; we are nearly all housewives.  In The 912 Project, nearly all of the group leaders are women – many professionals, some retired, but mostly housewives.  At Unite In Action, more than half of the Board of Directors are housewives – including the President, Vice President, CFO and Military Advisor.  The Event Coordinator for March On DC?  Housewife.  The Liberty XPO Chair?  Housewife.  Symposium Chair?  Housewife.  Young Patriots, Education, Graphic Design, Volunteer Coordinator, Clergy Outreach, Merchandising & Transportation Chairs?  Yup, all housewives.  Don’t get me wrong; we’ve got a few guys thrown in, but we are almost entirely housewives trying to pull off the largest Liberty oriented training event in history.

And you know what?  This is exactly how it should be.  Housewives are the ones who literally manage the world.  The microcosm of each household is the macrocosm of society.  My house and your house and their house…this is reality.  And in reality, it is the housewives who carry the burden of the future.  Yes, the men provide, but we clean up the messes, both literally and figuratively.  Vomit on the floor?  No problem; get the Clorox.  Teen angst?  Here comes a lesson in character.  We balance the budget and figure out how to pay all the bills with money left over for savings and college funds.  A new pair of Jimmy Choos versus Walmart sneakers so we can pay the rent?  You know what we will bring home.   Homework due or exams to study for?  You know we will be there making sure everything gets done.  In short, we the housewives are tasked with the future of our children and therefore the future of society.

So yes, a bunch of housewives are running the 2010 March on DC & Liberty XPO.  Because we know it takes WORK to clean up a mess.  Because we know you need TOOLS to get the job done.  Because we know EDUCATION is everything.  And because WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THE LOSS OF OUR CHILDREN’S LIBERTY – nor will we stand for the bankrupting of our grandchildren’s future.  Because we know this mess will not be cleaned up overnight, and November will not fix everything! WE WILL move past street parties and protests.  WE WILL do everything we can to get real classroom training & tools into the hands of the patriots who need them, AND WE WILL SAVE THIS COUNTRY!

So, girls grab your gloves, the Clorox, the character lessons, the budget, and the mops and meet me in DC – September 9th& 10th.  We’ve got a House to clean!

P.S.  If you see Keith Olbermann, send him my way…I’ve got a bar of soap just itching to clean up that potty mouth!

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