Americans don’t buy Obama’s – or media’s – claims about his faith

This past week, the “mainstream” media has been working themselves into a tizzy over a recent Pew Poll which reveals that nearly 1 out of 5 Americans now believe President Obama is a muslim. 

This sampling from the Washington Post is a perfect example of the media’s tone in covering this story:

The number of Americans who believe — wrongly — that President Obama is a Muslim has increased significantly since his inauguration and now accounts for nearly 20 percent of the nation’s population.

Those results, from a new Pew Research Center survey, were drawn from interviews done before the president’s comments about the construction of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero, and they suggest that there could be serious political danger for the White House as the debate continues.

The president’s religion, like his place of birth, has been the subject of Internet-spread rumors and falsehoods since before he began his presidential campaign, and the poll indicates that those rumors have gained currency since Obama took office. The number of people who now correctly identify Obama as a Christian has dropped to 34 percent, down from nearly half when he took office.

White House officials expressed dismay over the poll results. Faith adviser Joshua DuBois blamed “misinformation campaigns” by the president’s opponents.

“While the president has been diligent and personally committed to his own Christian faith, there’s certainly folks who are intent on spreading falsehoods about the president and his values and beliefs,” DuBois said.

Got that, America?  You should believe what you’re told, rather than observing Obama’s behavior for yourself and believing your own lying eyes and ears. 

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim.  But neither do I consider him a Christian.  Why?  Pretty simple really: “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”  Matthew 7:16

His former church, headed by Leftist radical Jeremiah Wright, celebrated “Black Liberation Theology“, which tries to combine Christian teachings with the tenets of Marxism.   Though he hasn’t joined another church in the past two years, he gets devotionals sent to his Blackberry every day, courtesy of his new Marxist “spiritual advisor”, Jim Wallis.

Obama is, at heart, an opportunist.  He will agree with any religion as long as the teachings coincide with his definition of “social justice”, and throw out any part of the religion which goes against his ideology. When he’s talking to the adherents of any religion, he finds “common ground” and tries to imply that their religion supports his “social justice” crusade, and that being a “true believer” in their faith means supporting his agenda.

Despite the fact that most journalists now live in an elite liberal echo-chamber – a lifestyle in which members are far less likely to attend church or have kids than everyday Americans - they condescend to be self-declared experts on who is (or is not) a “Christian”.   Since journalists are four times as likely to describe themselves as “liberal“, it must follow that anybody who fits their leftist version of “Christian” morality (including, by the way, supporting abortion) is to believed without question if he claims that the “Christian faith plays an ‘important part’ in [my] daily life”.

American Thinker sums it up beautifully:

Memo to the ruling class media: We are not ignorant or stupid. We’ve not forgotten Jeremiah Wright. It’s not that we don’t “know” what faith Obama subscribes to — it’s more that we don’t believe him. Or you. Sorry. Not buying.

We know you claim him to be a Christian. We know Obama has at times claimed to be a Christian. We know Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church claims to be some kind of Christian denomination. We simply doubt it. And the more we watch all of you, the less we are inclined to believe any of it.

(And by “we,” I mean folks who would respond “Muslim” or “not sure” to your poll questions.)

We also know Obama’s father was a Muslim. We know his stepfather was a Muslim. We know that under Sharia Law, he is a Muslim, and that much of the Muslim world regards him as a Muslim. We know his mother was an atheist. We know Obama sent a bureaucrat out to claim that NASA’s top mission was Muslim outreach. We know he skipped the Boy Scouts’ 100th Anniversary bash. We know he’s had a couple Freudian slips pertaining to his faith. We know he has called the Islamic call to prayer the most beautiful sound on earth.

We know that in light of all of this, some sycophantic White House spokesperson has the gall to say how “obvious” Obama’s Christianity is. Depends on what the meaning of “obvious” is, I guess.

There’s more. So much more:

We know Jeremiah Wright rejects America’s founding principles — which are consistent with what we call Christianity — and many of us believe our founding principles were divinely inspired. Moreover, we know that Obama is on board with Wright on this — at least to the point of claiming that our Constitution is flawed in how it grants individual rights and liberty. We happen to think that rights Obama wants to curtail come from our Creator.

We know Obama has appointed proud and unabashed Marxists into his government. We happen to know that Marxism is by definition anti-Christian. We know he has confiscated the wealth of others to redistribute to his union thug friends under false pretenses. We know he turned his back on Iranian protesters in favor of an Islamic regime. We know he publicly defers to folks like Chávez and Saudi royalty more than he does Texas and Arkansas governors. On and on we could go here.

So what is so blamed obvious?

The only thing obvious here is that if Obama is a Christian, he is absolutely awful at walking out his faith. Or — as might be said at any basic tent revival — he done “backslid.” (Does anyone in the media have any idea what either of those phrases mean?)

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