Europeans Push Global Tax to Fund Redistribution, Climate Change Causes

A global tax – for ANY reason -would be a de facto recognition of an international authority beyond the one “of the people, for the people” that we have established here in America.  Our Declaration of Independence was specifically designed to break all bonds with any outside governments that wanted to rule or tax us.   If the US signed on to this, it would essentially surrender our national sovereignty, setting a VERY dangerous precedent! 

A group of 60 nations will meet next week at the United Nations to push for a tax on foreign currency transactions as a way to generate revenue to meet global poverty-reduction goals, including “climate change” mitigation.

Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes.

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Lets not forget the true purpose of this global wealth redistribution scheme: to fund and establish a socialist utopia (which we know have worked out so well so far -sarcasm intended).   They’re not interested in spending their own money on their pet “charitable” causes.  They’d rather force “we the serfs” to pay for the price of our own enslavement. 

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