Leftist “Civility”: Unions Compare Wisconsin Governor To Hitler, Call For His Death

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RedState exposes the hypocrisy of the Left:

The Wisconsin GOP has put together a quick video of union attacks on Governor Scott Walker, which include: signs calling him a Nazi (and a dictator generally); signs calling him a rapist; and signs calling for his death.  What makes this a particularly hard-hitting video is that it’s interspersed with solemn quotes from Democrats who claim that their side never, ever, ever does such things: which is of course a lie, but a lot of these people haven’t internalized yet the notion that it’s harder to lie about this sort of thing these days.

Background, for those who need it: Scott Walker’s call for (limited) reforms of Wisconsin’s frankly out-of-control collective bargaining system for public sector union employees has caused a good deal of controversy, and by ‘controversy’ I mean ‘death threats.’  Excuse me: alleged death threats.  Anyway, as I noted earlier Lakeshore Laments is a Wisconsin blog covering this: note in particular the way that the ’spontaneous’ sickouts seem to be mostly targeting Republican state districts.  It’s going to be a real interesting day in Wisconsin.

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