OnPoint Manager Fired For Challenging Teacher Union Agenda

Thuggish teacher’s unions want private citizens to think twice before they dare to speak out against the education cartel at their local school board meeting (or anywhere else).

Leslie VanBlaricom has been fired from her job as branch manager for OnPoint Credit Union after pressure was brought on her employer from the McMinnville Education Association.   What was her offense? 

Van Blaricom, as member of the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, was asked to read a letter from the Chamber to area businesses at a McMinnville School Board meeting.   Here is the excerpt that the teacher’s union found so offensive that they demanded the reader’s job:

The district should not spend any additional money towards teacher salary and/or benefits if doing so will require the district to reduce teaching positions and increase classroom sizes to pay for them in order to meet its budget. We should hope the union would see the benefit of smaller class sizes on their members workload and student performance but to date, they have continued to insist on additional wage and benefit increases even though the district indicates that such demands could mean the loss of as many as 40+ teaching positions.

RedState observes:

Pretty provocative, right? Well, the MEAn apparently didn’t bother wasting time, according to the above press report. The union and its sycophantic followers contacted Ms. VanBlaricom’s employer, OnPoint Community Credit Union (which has a longstanding relationship with the teachers’ union), where she was a branch manager, and she was fired.

[Note: A call to OnPoint’s CEO, Robert Stuart, for a comment on this post was not returned. However, should you wish to contact OnPoint, their contact information is here.]

Following Ms. VanBlaricom’s removal from her job, the members of MEAn applauded the brutish behavior on the union’s facebook page.

Imagine, teachers responsible for teaching kids not to be bullies behaving like schoolyard bullies themselves. In this case, though, it has cost a woman her livelihood.

Bullies or monsters? Apparently, there’s not much difference in McMinnville.

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