After obligatory Memorial Day wreath ceremony at Arlington, Obama hits the golf course

How a President with class pays his respects on Memorial Day weekend:

How Obama honors the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform:

President Bush gave up golfing after 9/11 because he felt it was disrespectful to the men and women who were serving in harm’s way, and their families, who were making such enormous sacrifices.

Last year, Obama skipped the wreath laying at Arlington altogether, missed the Fort Hood anniversary and memorial because he was busy laying wreaths in Mumbai, and then spent Veteran’s day in Indonesia, praising them for their “tolerance“.   This year, he insulted our troops at Arlington by stating that our military is “one of the finest” (not the finest?).  No wonder his approval rating with the military ranks so low.

Unfortunately, the MSM has given Obama a pass on this latest act of disrespect, but the British press is willing to hold him accountable:

Can you imagine David Cameron enjoying a round of golf on Remembrance Sunday? It would be inconceivable for the British Prime Minister to do so, and not just because of the usually dire weather at that time of the year. Above all, it would be viewed as an act of extremely bad taste on a day when the nation remembers and mourns her war dead. I can’t imagine the PM even considering it, and I’m sure his advisers would be horrified at the idea. And if the prime minister ever did play golf on such a sacrosanct day he would be given a massive drubbing by the British press, and it would never be repeated.

Contrast this with President Obama’s decision to play golf yesterday, Memorial Day, for the 70th time during his 28-month long presidency. For tens of millions of Americans, Memorial Day is a time for remembrance of the huge sacrifices made by servicemen and women on the battlefield. The president did pay his respects in the morning, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, but later in the day traveled to Fort Belvoir to play golf. The story has not been reported so far in a single US newspaper, but was made public by veteran White House correspondent Keith Koffler on his blog. Here’sKoffler’s report:

The business of memorializing our war dead done, President Obama headed out to the Fort Belvoir golf course today, finding his way onto the links for the ninth weekend in a row.

Obama earlier today laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with families of those killed in battle. But he emerged from the day’s solemnity to go golfing for the 12th time this year and the 70th time of his presidency.

The decision to golf on Memorial Day invites comparison with President George W. Bush, who gave up the game early in his presidency and said he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq.

Does it matter if the president chooses to play golf on Memorial Day, and for the second time in his presidency (he did so as well in 2009)? I think it does, and it displays extraordinarily bad judgment, not only by Obama himself but also by his advisers. His chief of staff for example should have firmly cautioned against it. President Obama is not just any American but Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. The United States is currently engaged in a major war in Afghanistan with over 100,000 troops on the ground, and more than 1,500 have already laid down their lives for their country.

The least the president can do on Memorial Day is spend the whole daywith veterans and servicemen’s families while acknowledging their sacrifice. As Koffler points out above, President George W. Bush stopped playing golf out of respect for the families of Iraq War dead. This demonstrated not only good judgment but humility and respect for the men and women who keep America safe. It is little wonder that, as Gallup reveals in a new poll, US military personnel and veterans give Barack Obama lower marks for his job performance than members of the general public. The president’s actions smack of poor taste, as well a lack of empathy and support for the US military, hardly the kind of leadership the White House should be projecting at a time of war.

Obama Pays Lip Service to Military During Visit to Arlington Cemetery, Promptly Heads to Play Golf For 70th Time Since Taking Office

Obama’s dismal track record with our military

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11 thoughts on “After obligatory Memorial Day wreath ceremony at Arlington, Obama hits the golf course”

  1. How sad, very sad, but then, he made it very clear during his election when he never saluted the American Flag during our National Anthem. Why does he continue to live here and take advantage of this wonderful country when he could be in Islam? Oh, that’s right, he is here on a mission and was put in place to instill Sharia, or Islamic law.

  2. I served with 1st Inf in 1967 – my brother and I overlapped in our service to our country in VN. UNfortunately in April 1968 Lt Wm E. Zimmerman, Jr was KIA assisting his platoon in the battle at Chu Moor. Only a handfull of men survived – all were wounded. It is sad we have a president that did not serve his country and doesn’t have a clue what sacrifice means. Hopefully we will elect Mit so we can get Obama, his family, and all of the staff and cronies out of the White House.

  3. Thank you Charles Zimmerman and to Lt. Wm. E. Zimmerman Jr. who lost his life for us. While I sleep in a comfy bed, you knew no comfort. I had the honor of knowing a POW (42 months) of the Japanese from Bataan-Coriegador before he passed away last year, at 92 years old. To the day he died, he saw everything as a blessing, even the grocery store with all the food, because he knew what it was to have your freedom taken away. God Bless you all and God Bless AMERICA!!

  4. I hope Americans will not repeat the same mistake. Unfortunately, we are losing the war here at home, as evidenced by a dependent class who will sacrifice freedom for the temporary security of the government sugar teat. I hope veterans returning will consider further service, by going into teaching, and eventually replace the stranglehold marxists have on our public institutions of “higher” learning. God Bless America!

  5. Thanks to all service men, women and their families.. My grandson is now in Afganistan, he so firmly believes in this country and the Marines. I think all youg men and women should do a at least a year in the service of soem kind.. I realize all are not physically fit to do acitve duty, but there are so many areas to contribute to aid our country.
    Obama should be impreached but he must go, he is NOT AMERICAN in any way shape or form.. and proves is more everyday.

  6. Awesome observation Matt and good point. The schools have been teaching Marxist beliefs for over 20 years now with the start of Madeline O’Hare in the 60’s. That is what produced this generation of babies now that don’t even know what Memorial day is. I asked a UCF student and his girlfriend over for July 4th picnic and celebration, as I was dating his father, (a Viet Nam vet) and he seriously looked at me and said,”Why, what’s July 4th?”

  7. I have seen a posting before on this action by Mr. Obama and, in fact referred to it when commenting on a recent similar action on his part. At the graduation ceremony for the Air Force Academy on 23 May, the air show at the end was interrupted for 20 minutes so Mr. Obama could leave to do more campaigning. I also noted a commercial on the web this weekend wherein Michelle asked us all to join her in wishing her hubby a happy Fathers’ Day. Barack posted a similar commercial on Mothers’ Day. Talk about narcissism! Our Supreme Father and Mother in Chief.

  8. In response to Pat’s comment above, I had not heard those comments, but then I try to look at them both as little as possible. I certainly would not wish them either of those holidays as neither of them are MY parents. Nor do I want to encourage breeding anymore like him.

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