Arab Spring, or Israeli Winter?

Larry Klayman warns at Big Peace:

…having taken pains to bury OBL at sea under Shariah law, by refusing to release the photos of the terrorist’s demise, and then declaring in a chorus with Muslim leaders, including Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Rauf, that the time for “healing” between Muslims and others had arrived, despite Muslims having nothing to do with OBL’s fortunate end, Obama used bin Laden’s death to further Muslim interests.

Now, this week, as has been reported widely, Obama plans an even greater and stepped-up Muslim outreach as part of his agenda for the next two years.

This comes at a time when the so called “Arab Spring” – the current so-called democratic uprising in the Middle East – has produced frightening and negative results. Having pushed Egypt’s pro-American and Israel-friendly president, Hosni Mubarak, out of office, only to have installed forces sympathetic to the granddaddy of terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has pledged the destruction of Israel, while ignoring the opposition freedom movement in the key country in the region, Iran, Obama’s Middle East foreign policy furthers his Muslim agenda, by unleashing forces hostile to Israel and the United States.

This is all happening at a time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to Washington, D.C., next week to meet with Obama in the White House and address a joint session of Congress. This moment is crucial, because as part of his Muslim outreach, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are planning – if Netanyahu does not roll over to their Middle East pro-radical Muslim agenda – to cut Israel down to size by imposing a Palestinian state on the Jewish nation at the General Assembly meeting of the United Nations this fall.

In the past, I have criticized Republicans, the professed opposition party, for not doing more to support Israel during this crucial and pivotal time. While I applaud House Speaker Boehner for being instrumental in inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, Republicans need to urgently make Israeli, and thus American, security a key issue of their agenda. Thus far, few Republicans, save for Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and a handful of others, have pushed for this. Not coincidentally, Palin proudly wore a joint American and Israeli flag pin to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

In this regard, I firmly believe that Republicans and concerned Jews and Christians must make this clear to Obama and assert themselves through various other means:

First, given the currently hostile regime in Egypt, which has not only brokered “peace” between the terrorist group Hamas and Fatah to unify the front to push for a Palestinian state on the West Bank, as well as formally recognized the terrorist neo-Nazi Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States cannot and should not sanction a Palestinian state on the West Bank. To do so would be to geographically drive a stake into the heart of Israel – significantly diminishing its security and the security of the entire region. Instead, the United States should support the overthrow of the monarchy in Jordan and push for Jordan to become the next Palestinian state. The population of Jordan is overwhelmingly Palestinian, and the monarchy has little legitimacy in any event. And, Jordan is in the throws of an eventual upheaval.

Second, the time has come to get serious in Iran. Reports are that the Revolutionary Guard, the mullahs’ equivalent of the Nazi SS, is in a rebellious mood with the mullahs. We should try to foment more discontent inside of the Revolutionary Guard and arm opposition pro-freedom groups, just as we have in Libya (ironically a virtually meaningless country strategically), to begin in earnest the overthrow of the regime. If Libya, then why not even more so Iran – which, along with Israel, holds the key to greater stability in the Middle East?

Republicans, sympathetic Democrats in Congress, and concerned Jews, Christians and Persians everywhere must urgently take an active role at this time, as the security of Israel, the United States and the world hangs in the balance. Obama’s Muslim outreach must not be allowed to morph further into what it truly is: a cleverly packaged anti-Semitic and anti-Christian design to harm Israel, Jews and Christians, to beat down the anti-Muslim secular revolution in Iran and to further the radical Muslim revolution worldwide. Obama may be born only half Muslim, but his actions are totally pro-Muslim! They must be stopped in their tracks now!

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