Dhimmi Churches Promote Islam, Read Koran During Services

Christians are called to love and proclaim the Good News to all peoples, not invite their false teachings into the church.   Considering the fact that fewer than 1% of young believers actually have a Biblical worldview, and most Christians understand the Bible and world religions less than unbelievers do, this is a VERY dangerous precedent.

World Net Daily reports:

Dozens of Christian churches, from Park Hill Congregational in Denver to Hillview United Methodist in Boise, Idaho, and First United Lutheran in San Francisco to St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu, are planning to send “a message both here at home and to the Arab and Muslim world about our respect for Islam” with a time to read the Quran during worship this Sunday.

It’s not just wrong, but dangerous, according to Christian trends analysts.

The aim of the program, which is promoted by social activists behind the Faith Shared website, is to counter the message from Islamic activists who say opposition to their religion is the product of what they call a cottage industry of hate.

So the Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First is calling on Christian clergy to read portions of the Quran during their services Sunday.

The readings, supporters say, will “counter the anti-Muslim bigotry and negative stereotypes that have erupted throughout the country in the past year and led to misconceptions, distrust and in some cases, violence.”

Not so fast, says apprising.org religious trends analyst Ken Silva.

“I would think they need to have their spiritual heads examined. It’s foolish to think that we’re going to read something that originates with demons and read that in a Christian church,” Silva said.

The action amounts to “spiritual treason,” he asserted.

Pastors of participating churches declined to discuss their programs with WND.

But Silva said, “Second Corinthians 6:14-18 (the verse warning against partnering light with darkness) says we’re forbidden to do that kind of thing. It’s one thing to be friendly with someone in Islam, but it’s a whole other thing in a Christian community to be reading something that is antithetical to Christianity and is hostile to Jesus Christ himself.”

Silva isn’t the only analyst who has objections to the program. Worldview Weekend President Brannon Howse said he’s not surprised with the development.

“I expect that of the mainline churches. Many of them have denied the essential Christian doctrines,” Howse said. “They have denied the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. They have denied the inerrancy of Scripture; they’ve denied the inspiration of Scripture. So I’m not shocked that pagans would united with pagans.”

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One thought on “Dhimmi Churches Promote Islam, Read Koran During Services”

  1. If all these churches would begin to read the bible, it might do them a lot of good.

    The Bible is the true and living WORD and the author is the the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

    Doctrines are created by man. Stick to the Bible people it will not lead you astray.

    By the way Christianity is not a religion. It’s a relationship that you have with the only true and living GOD.

    If the pastors of the churches who are allowing the Koran to be read from the pulpit will read the bible they wont be trying to please Muslims, they will be giving them the Gospel.

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