A Warning For Parents of New College Students From a Closet Conservative Insider

Indoctrinate U: Our Education, Their Politics

A College Admissions Advisor offers a warning to parents who are preparing to send their new graduates to college:

What I would warn every parent who walks into my office – but the school prohibits me from doing so. Everything is whitewashed.

Parents, this is how universities really operate. Your worst fears are true regarding what is taught and not taught by teachers, and what you’ve heard about complicit school administrators, superintendents, educational issue researchers, and national educational movers and shakers, the political & social engineering agenda of the faculty, administration, and financial backers/donors.

Sadly, I am not allowed to share this information with you when you bring your child in to assess the university. If I were to say any of this to parents and prospective students, I would lose my job, and I can’t afford that risk. I’m sure that sounds cowardly, but in this economy I’m in a gut-wrenching no-win situation where I have little choice.

The only consolation I get comes from the few times I am able to offer guidance and counseling to students, and encourage them to question the facts and premises they are taught; point out the lack of real diversity on campus (other than skin color), to challenge their own sense of fairness and compassion (their favorite self-identified traits) when they start bashing conservatives and moderates, quoting hero Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, et al ad nauseum. But, it’s like spitting into a hurricane.

The faculty is thoroughly and completely indoctrinated and turned into activist soldiers; bent on taking their agenda to our children. This isn’t a new thing (think 50’s/60’s radical left academics here on campus). It’s just that most people in the general public (and who pay tuition to send their kids here !) ‘poo-poo’ it as some charming “progressive (as in ‘forward-thinking’)” personality trait of those elite geniuses who pursue the intellectual stimulation of academia. Nothing is further from the reality.

It’s an incredibly socially well-funded incubator for people who may/may not have a particular aptitude in a specific area, to earn a huge amount of money (unless you’re one of the grossly underpaid adjunct or GTF instructors that actually have to teach students). To ‘work’ 9 months a year, build little personal empires, and be fawned over by people who think you’re a genius or prophet. Tenure ensures that incompetence and the intentional indoctrination of destructive and clearly far-left ideology is not only well-paid, encouraged, and stable, it is impossible to eliminate. There is absolutely no balancing viewpoints fairly or respectfully presented or tolerated. They are in complete control throughout the entire system, and across the spectrum of disciplines.

As faculty, you have complete control over the content of what you teach, who does and who doesn’t get into your program/classes, and whether or not they are allowed to progress, graduate, receive support, or license. You can create “research data” designed to support your social agendas and the agenda of those extremely well-funded folks in “investment groups” and in control of government grants. It is a completely corrupt system, designed to conduct social engineering, not teach critical thinking skills. These power and money relationships (higher ed to local, state, and federal government, as well as to social activist funding groups is the life-blood.

Unfortunately, the article “We hate you. Now give us your kids so that we can turn them against you“ is so right on target. It kills me each time we have tours of prospective donors or parents taking campus tours, preparing to hand over their wide-eyed, gullible adolescents in tow, or hard-earned money, I just want to scream “NOOOOOooooo!”

I usually feel like the last remaining rational person trapped in Las Vegas in Stephen King’s “The Stand,” or an undiscovered Jew working in the offices of the Hitler Youth Program in Germany in the 30’s. Seriously. But the real heroes are folks like David Horowitz and Mike Adams, who overtly put their careers on the line and face the palpable wrath of their peers in academia and foes in the media and left-wing public on a daily basis (as well as from the far left masses, as a whole). And the kids, here who participate in College Republicans in overt defiance to incredible peer pressure.

I need/want/choose to believe that the parents/donors don’t really realize what they’re doing. And, that the CR kids can handle the burden/challenge of being the remaining hope for the future.

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