Hollywood Hypocrites Support “Occupy Wall Street”

Susan Sarandon showed up in New York to show support for “Occupy Wall Street”, but few of the protesters recognized the veteran actress.  Little blow to the ego there, Susan?

Her partner Tim Robbins joined a march soon on Wednesday.   I suppose it’s fitting he’s marching with idiots who carry signs like “weed not greed”.

Sean Penn was a little busy marching in Tahrir Square with the Islamic extremists who are trying to impose Sharia law across Egypt, but he took the time to make a token appearance in New York.

Capital One pitchman Alec Baldwin voiced his support for demonizing big banks and evil corporations (like the one he advertises on TV?).

Roseanne Barr said that the rich should be sent to “reeducation camps” and then “beheaded” if they don’t want to fork over everything they make over the “maximum income” she wants to establish.

Michael Moore couldn’t wait to jump on the anti-capitalist express, as he markets and earns royalties from his many films.

Samuel L. Jackson, Janeane Garofalo, Eva Longoria, Morgan Freeman, Ron Howard, Matt Damon, George Clooney and George Lopez satisfy themselves with demonizing the Tea Party and Republican candidates, perpetuating false accusations of “racism” and “extremism”, praising Obama and demanding more taxes for “the rich”.   (Someone break it to these people: YOU’RE ALL RICH.  And if you don’t think you’re paying your “fair share”, feel free to raise your own taxes: stop hiring accountants to find tax loopholes for you and write a check to the Treasury Department at any time.  They’ll gladly take it off your hands.)

The list of actors and actresses who’s movies I can enjoy without gagging is getting shorter.

Occupy Wall Street gets celebrity support

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Occupy Hollywood

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