Salon Claims Evangelical Christians Are More Likely a National Security Threat Than Muslims

Salon has apparently missed the fact that Christians haven’t been flying airplanes into buildings full of innocent civilians or strapping on suicide bombs.

If they’re basing this whole ridiculous theory on a supposed lack of “assimilation”, one could argue that is actually the militant Leftists and Atheists – who object to the display of the American flag, demand that we tear down religious symbols, redefine holidays into politically correct nonsense, and remove all vestiges our nation’s religious heritage – who have chosen not to “assimilate”.

From Weasel Zippers:

How do you respond to something this stupid?

(Salon) — If you have the stomach to listen to enough right-wing talk radio, or troll enough right-wing websites, you inevitably come upon fear-mongering about the Unassimilated Muslim. Essentially, this caricature suggests that Muslims in America are more loyal to their religion than to the United States, that such allegedly traitorous loyalties prove that Muslims refuse to assimilate into our nation and that Muslims are therefore a national security threat.

Earlier this year, a Gallup poll illustrated just how apocryphal this story really is. It found that Muslim Americans are one of the most — if not the single most — loyal religious group to the United States. Now, comes the flip side from the Pew Research Center’s stunning findings about other religious groups in America. […]

If, as Islamophobes argue, refusing to assimilate is defined as expressing loyalty to a religion before loyalty to country, then this data suggests it is evangelical Christians who are very resistant to assimilation. And yet, few would cite these findings to argue that Christians pose a serious threat to America’s national security. Why the double standard?

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HT: Patrick Poole

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