Media Tries To Write Tea Party Obituary

Leftists really do live in somewhat of a parallel universe of their own utopian fantasies.

Not unlike their baseless accusations of Tea Partiers being racists and terrorists, and their coordinated efforts to falsely blame the Tea Party for everything from the Arizona shooting to the credit downgrade and the Norwegian massacre, their latest media narrative is designed to make Americans think those fantasies are reality.

The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday in a rare television interview that his Republican counterparts in the Senate are guilty of “obstructionism on steroids” and that the tea party is slowly “dying out.”

Attention, media Obamabots: you now have your official talking points.

The narrative has been building for awhile, but it’s now clear that this is the official party line. Josh Lederman at The Hill writes:

The Tea Party is falling to pieces.

In presidential, House and Senate races, the Tea Party is struggling to float viable and effective candidates, unify its base and dictate the terms of national discourse on the economy.

Doyle McManus at the Los Angeles Times queries, “Is the tea party over?

Huma Khan at ABC asks, “Is South Carolina the Last Gasp for Tea Party in GOP Nomination?

Kevin Drum exults at Mother Jones, “The Tea Party is Dead, Long Live the Tea Party.”

Ewen MacAskill writes at The Guardian that the “Tea Party silently seethes as Mitt Romney surges towards the nomination.”

Doug Mataconis from “Outside the Beltway” is already writing the obituary, entitled “How The Tea Party Lost The 2012 Republican Primaries.”

The premise is that since the Tea Party has not been able to influence the GOP presidential primaries the same way that they did congressional and senate races in 2010, they must be going the way of the Dodo.

But saying that the Tea Party movement is dying because it’s not getting the candidate it wants in 2012 is akin to smirking that the Bronco’s recent loss in the Playoffs proves that Tebow’s faith is useless.   Haters are gonna hate, and all they need is an excuse to gloat.

In this case, the victory lap is certainly premature.  For the past three years, grassroots Tea Party activists have been working behind the scenes to infiltrate and take back the Republican party from the ground up. It took the “New Left” Marxists thirty years to take over the Democrat party. The Tea Party doesn’t have that much time, but they’re well on their way.

The Big Government credentials of the major primary candidates shows that the “Progressive” establishment is still in control of the party at the top.  But the unexpected victories of Tea Party candidates in the midterms shows that conservatives have made progress intaking back control at the local – and often state – levels.

The Tea Party isn’t going anywhere.  The future of our republic is at stake.

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