Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline, Canada Prepares to Sell Oil to China Instead

Boehner slams Obama for rejecting Keystone pipeline after fast tracking Solyndra

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Insolvent “green” energy companies on the verge of bankruptcy?  Not only does Obama want them, he’s willing to flush billions in taxpayer dollars into them!

An oil pipeline offered by a friendly neighbor that would create 20,000 jobs and pave the way towards energy independence?  Heck no!

Since Obama doesn’t want their oil, Canada is already preparing to sell it to China instead.  Way to kill thousands of jobs, empower competitors at our expense, and put us more at the mercy of Radical Islamic regimes in the Middle East, Obama!

John Hayward observes at Human Events:

Supposedly the State Department might still be willing to entertain an alternative route for the pipeline… but of course they’d dither forever, the President would repair to the golf course, and the “alternative route” will end up leading to Beijing.

President Obama wanted to keep his fingerprints off this by “delaying his decision” until 2013 or so, but in December, Congress forced his hand by requiring a decision within 60 days.  Politico reports on the comical political scrambling by Democrats who realize they won’t be able to pin this disaster on George W. Bush, as energy prices are climbing, and $4 gas is right around the corner:

“There’s a good argument to be made to politically take it off the table earlier if the assumption is that the decision is going to be no,” one House Democratic aide said. “You take a contentious issue off the table before the State of the Union … and you’re allowed the room for the president to give his positive vision.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said if Obama did break the news during his speech it would send a big political signal. “I think it will be a clear sign that the president is willing to take on the Republicans,” she said. “That’s sort of setting the tone of how he’s going to be proceeding forward.”

Lord knows the Obama 2012 campaign is far more important than securing affordable energy for America.  We sure wouldn’t want any of the wrong “big political signals” being sent during that State of the Union address – which, by the way, will be held on Day 1000 of the Democrat Party’s appalling failure to pass a budget for the bloated and dying government they love so much.

Maybe the Chinese Communist Party could send someone to appear at the State of the Union and thank Obama for all that lovely Canadian oil.  Former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is available to perform translations, if necessary.

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