Religious Liberty: Obamacare’s First Casualty

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It won’t be the last, unless we get it repealed!

 A Forced Marriage of Church and State

Obama Forces Christians Into Lose-Lose Choice: Abandon Religious Principles, Or Be Forced Into Nationalized Obamacare Plans

Liberal War on the First Amendment: Obama Wants to Run the State and the Church

Senator Boxer: ‘Right’ To Insurance Trumps 1st Amendment Religious Rights

Pelosi: Catholic Church Wants To Use Government To ‘Enforce’ Religious Beliefs

Democratic Lawmakers Grill Religious Leaders On Their Objections To Contraceptive Mandate

Dems Blame Christians For Obamacare Assault on 1st Amdt, Claim Church ‘Discriminates Against Women’

Birth control mandate meant to squeeze churches out of healthcare, says Congressman

Understanding Obama: Why Muslims Get Religious Freedom and Catholics Need Not Apply

Churches Unite To Fight Obama Administration’s Attacks On Religious Liberty

2,500 religious leaders, every U.S. bishop oppose Obama mandate

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