GOP Attorneys General Fight Back Against Obama’s Assault Against Constitution, States’ Rights

God bless these guys for the work they do as the first line of defense to protect their states from federal overreach, and for finally calling out Obama’s behavior for the serious unconstitutional threat that it is.

Neil Munro reports at The Daily Caller:

Nine Republican attorneys general declared Monday that the Obama administration is riding roughshod over the law, and is using its regulatory powers to impose huge costs on the states.

“You’re seeing now a federal government that’s doing everything in its power to circumvent the Bill of Rights,” South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson  said during a press conference during the Washington, D.C. meeting of the Republican Attorneys General Association.

“We are constantly being forced to sue the federal government to protect our states,” added Florida AG Pam Bondi.

Washington is waging an “across the board regulatory assault” on state governments, said Virginia’s AG, Ken Cuccinelli, who organized the event. This “administration repeatedly shows disdain for the law … the states, and the Constitution,” he said. “It is absolutely unprecedented.”

The nine AGs said their staffs are working on 70 cases, often cooperatively.

President Barack Obama’s legal impositions on states should be recognized by voters in November, Cuccinelli said. “It is important for them to understand what is at at stake in this election. … It is literally the rule of law itself,” said Cuccinelli, who is expected to run for governor in 2013.

But those federal impositions also impose a heavy price on state residents, he added.

In Virginia, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations have already boosted electricity prices for poor people, said Cuccinelli. “The people hurt first and worst are the poor. … That’s who we know we are defending,” he said.

The state’s legal efforts are not intended to set policy, but to curb federal regulatory abuses, said Cuccinelli. Elected legislators and presidents get to set their own policies, but don’t get to violate federal law, he said.

“This is not about policy. … [It is about] this administration’s disregard for the law,” he said. President Obama and his deputies, he added, are “the greatest set of lawbreakers that have run the federal government in our lifetimes.”

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