Media’s ‘War on women’ Claim Isn’t Fooling Everybody

Obama’s War On Women

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Oddly enough, most women actually believe in protecting their unalienable rights like religious freedom from the tyranny of a government that tries to redefine women’s “liberation” as dependence on the Nanny State for their birth control.

Kevin Leininger of The News-Sentinel writes:

If Republicans really are waging a “war on women,” as Democrats and the media keep insisting, that must have been the fifth column I saw in Courthouse Green on Friday.

The crowd organizers estimated at about 350 – more than half of it female – clearly didn’t know or care that evil, conservative, religious men in high places are conspiring to take away their free birth-control pills. And so the “Stand up for Religious Freedom rally,” one of 138 nationwide, was highlighted by women holding signs and giving speeches that proved once again they just can’t understand that President Obama just wants to protect them – not undermine the principles they hold most dear or the Constitution he has sworn to defend.

Chief quislette was Patty Becker, community relations director for Redeemer Radio, the Catholic station at 1450 AM, who seems to have badly misidentified the enemy.

Women love freedom of choice, she said. But the federal government’s mandate that religious institutions provide free contraception to their employees gives women of faith no choice but to support “anti-life activities that violate their most deeply held beliefs.”

Women love virtue, she insisted, but feel a sense of sham that a vocal minority of “sexual anarchists” is trying to subvert the Christian tradition still shared and cherished by a majority of Americans.

Women love their creator, she confessed. But that most definitely isn’t the federal government – the same government founded on the self-evident principle that rights are gifts from God, not entitlements from Washington.

Such talk is, of course, heresy to those who insist that women (or minorities, or members of any other demographic group) must all think in precisely the same way – an elitist attitude that insults the very people the would-be benefactors claim to value.

The women in the park on Friday insist on thinking for themselves, and understand that if denying free contraception to a student at an expensive Catholic law school constitutes a war on women, they’ll gladly fight for the other side.

That cannot be good news for our embattled president, who this very week blamed Republicans for his investment of $500 million in a bankrupt solar panel firm and took credit for supporting an oil pipeline he has steadfastly opposed. By overreaching on his health-care mandate, he has managed to alienate even some of Obamacare’s original supports, which included many Catholic bishops.

And yet, there was Father Jason Freiburger, vice chancellor of the Fort Wayne-South bend Diocese, giving an invocation that compared Obama to the Old Testament’s Egyptian Pharaoh: leaders who put themselves in the place of God.

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