Obama Administration Disarms Marines In Combat Zone For Panetta Speech

Essentially what the administration is saying here is that the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t trust the everyday Americans who have volunteered to put their lives on the line to defend this country.  He’s afraid of heroes like that.   He wants them disarmed and under his control.

Obama has done so much to degrade, insult and alienate our men and women in uniform…now he’s even disarming them in combat zones where they could easily become unarmed targets for the enemy.  What does that do to their morale, to have their own leaders put their lives unnecessarily at risk?

What do you say to a spouse or parent who anxiously awaits the return of their husband or wife, son or daughter, and finds out they were stripped of their weapons and deliberately left defenseless in a combat zone BY THEIR OWN SECRETARY OF DEFENSE?

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Who would YOU trust your life or the life of your spouse or child to?   The Obama administration, or the Marines?  Who has proven more trustworthy?

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