The Tragedy Of Modern Child Sacrifice

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9

In the Old Testament, the Israelites are continually warned not become entangled by the cults of the nations surrounding them.   The three most often mentioned were Ba’al, Ashtoreth, and Molech, which were essentially different names that the surrounding nations used to describe their god or goddess of fertility.    Regardless of what they were called, their worship always involved some form of sexual ritual and the sacrifice of infants and children by fire.

Adherents of these cults believed that by sacrificing their children, their society would be granted greater harvests and prosperity.  The babies born as a result of ritual orgies and other reckless promiscuity could be easily disposed of through the brutal practice of human sacrifice.

We like to think that in the modern era, we have advanced so far in reason and understanding so as not to be seduced by such dangerous superstitions and destructive lies.   But the truth is, Ba’al lives on even in our modern society, embodied by cult of Moral Relativism.  Each of us is free to define our own moral standard according to what feels good, you see, so we can indulge in whatever sexual behaviors we want and then dispose of the unwanted consequences however we please.

Today, we have an updated form of child sacrifice to deal with the results of our idolatrous obsession with unbridled sexuality.   Don’t feel ready to have a child?  Abort it.  Just not financially feasible right now?  Abort it.   Worried that a disabled child will be too much of a burden?  Abort it.  Feeling frightened and alone?  Abort it.

We are told it is for the health of the mother.  We are told that it can help save the planet from overpopulation and carbon footprints.  We are told that it will reduce poverty and abuse and health care costs and myriad other issues.  In this way we allow ourselves to be seduced by the deceptive arguments of those who claim that getting rid of unwanted children is necessary for the well-being of the individual and the prosperity of society.  We have recreated the cults of sexuality and prosperity in our own modern image.

The method we use is such that we are spared from hearing the screams or witnessing the horrific act of destruction, but it is no less barbaric.   The benign terms we use to describe it, such as “choice,” “health,” “clump of cells” or “product of conception” alleviate our consciences with their deceptive clinical objectivity, but they cannot forever disguise the brutal truth that we are talking about killing human babies.

It doesn’t take long for the rationalization of child sacrifice to reach beyond the womb, either.  Recently two “ethicists” stirred controversy when they argued that infanticide should be just as allowable as abortion, because newborns are not “persons.”   They rightly understood that there is no biological difference between a human being inside the womb and a human being recently born, and concluded that parents should have the right to terminate their infant for the same reasons that they might abort, even if the child is perfectly healthy and simply deemed inconvenient.

In Belgium, doctors are already legally permitted to administer lethal injections to disabled infants up to a year old, even without parental consent.   Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, has argued that children do not become “persons” worthy of protection until 3 years old.  A couple in Oregon recently sued their doctor, charging that they had been negligent in failing to diagnose their daughter’s Down Syndrome prior to birth so that they could have aborted her.  The jury awarded $3 million dollars to the parents for this case of so-called “wrongful birth.”   Genetic testing is often used to recommend aborting those deemed “unfit” or “incompatible with life,” but cases like this will increase the likelihood that doctors will feel pressured to recommend abortion rather than face a lawsuit for allowing a disabled child to see the light of day.  Once the cult of Moral Relativism provides a rationalization for sacrificing children on the altar of convenience, there is nary a boundary that cannot be eventually redefined or done away with altogether.

Recently, the Obama administration established a mandate that would force religious institutions to cover contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs for their employees, regardless of their religious objections.   In his so-called “compromise”, the mandate was modified to require religious institutions merely purchase comprehensive health coverage, which providers would be forced to include abortion and abortion-inducing drugs.

In essence,  Moral Relativism has now been declared the official religion of the state, and all citizens must contribute in one way or another towards the modern ritual of child sacrifice or suffer the penalties of a godless state.  The consequences of our complacency and inaction have finally come to this.

Christians in America now have a choice to make.  Will they bow the knee to Ba’al, or will they stand up for righteousness?   Will they cower in silence, or will they speak up for the defenseless?  Will they obey God, or man?

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