America Has Become Socialist Because Of Socialist Education

In my 2008 article, “It’s Time To Take Back Education,” I argued:

In the recent election, 68 percent of new young voters overwhelming chose to vote for Obama and the Democrats’ socialist agenda. That’s a scary statistic, but it’s no accident. It’s the result of a patient, long-term strategy on the part of leftist social reformers, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

The majority of new voters were all recent public school graduates and new university students. It’s no secret that the Left controls government education in this country, especially the universities, and that true conservatives in the system pay the price for speaking out against elite intellectual ideology. 12+ years of subtle indoctrination has left this generation with a lopsided, leftist view of the world, making public education a guaranteed assembly line for mass-market production of new liberal voters.

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Well, the indoctrination is no longer subtle.   In today’s classrooms, conservative ideals are routinely banned or mocked, and conservative students marginalized by their own teachers.    Teachers attend Marxist conferences on how to indoctrinate their students.   It’s an all-out indoctrination war, and they’re practically daring us to stop them.

Gary DeMar warns that socialist government education is what has paved the way for socialism in every other industry:

Public education is government education. It’s paid for with other people’s money. One of the reasons so many people are in favor of government healthcare is because they have been conditioned to accept government retirement (Social Security), medical reimbursement (Medicare), and government education. We’ve had Socialism for decades. Americans are used to it. What’s one more government program? […]

More than 90 percent of children are in government schools. Why are we surprised after at least 12 years of government education that they believe government is the source of all that’s good in the world?

We have the freedom (at least at this point in time) to educate our children outside the control of government. Will it cost more money and time? Yes. We can pay now or we can pay later. Can you imagine what would happen if 50 percent of the people who voted for Mitt Romney took their children out of public schools and chose home education, some form of private education, or church sponsored schools?  The Left would be crippled.

By the time we “recapture the public education of this country” it will be too late. Well intentioned people have been trying to save public schools for decades. The schools have only gotten worse teaching a worldview that is counter to everything we believe. Once again it’s the “gift” idea. People believe that government education is “free,” or at least discounted.

I know that there are some good teachers and a few good schools when compared to most other schools. That’s not the point. The curriculum and system of funding are mandated by government.

If you want a free country, you have to abandon “free” education.”

“The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

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