Are Social Conservatives To Blame For Republican Losses?

There was a directed Alinsky campaign against social conservatives in this last election, for the specific purpose of undercutting the party.  They began laying the groundwork for this all the way back during the primary debates, when George Stephanopoulos started throwing out stupid questions about banning birth control. 

The Republican party should have forseen this tactic and closed ranks instead of throwing their own under the bus, as they always do. And now, after the election, we’re doing it again. 

Why do we keep falling for this crap?

All this going around in circles regarding social issues is a wild goose chase that the establishment GOP has sent us on to create infighting in the Tea Party.  Social conservatives aren’t the reason why we lose elections, and they aren’t what’s wrong with the GOP.

What’s wrong with the Republican party is that it’s run by FISCAL LIBERALS and BIG GOVERNEMNT PROGRESSIVES who go along with Democrats on everything from tax hikes to global warming schemes. THEY DON’T HONOR LIBERTY OR CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENT. They keep handing us candidates like Dudley and Romney that aren’t really interested in scaling back the size and scope of government.

Robert Knight writes at The Washington Times:

Like clockwork, traditional-values voters are being blamed for the failure of a moderate GOP presidential candidate.

This is the predictable consensus of liberal pundits but also some prominent conservatives. Never mind exit polls showing that conservative evangelical Protestants and devout Catholics combined gave Mitt Romney a higher percentage of their votes than George W. Bush in 2004 or John McCain in 2008. Somehow, it’s their fault that Mr. Romney lost.

[…]  Some of the well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning advisers are using the talking points and incendiary language of the left. Like California federal judge Vaughn Walker, they see only “animus” toward homosexuals as a reason to support marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Religion? History? Social continuity? The well-being of children? Nope. It’s only hatred.

The Post’s ostensibly conservative columnists, George F. Will and Kathleen Parker, both employ the accusation to tar what Ms. Parker calls “the farthest right social conservatives.” This refers to people who still resist Planned Parenthood’s agenda of sexual anarchy.

[…]  The left is spending tens of millions of dollars to redefine marriage, promote abortion and vilify anyone who gets in its way. One of the most effective tactics is to accuse opponents of what liberals themselves are doing — “obsessing” over these issues.

The Wall Street Journal also ran a column, “Advice From a Lonely College Republican,” by Sarah Westwood, who will be a sophomore in January at George Washington University. She informs us that “youth is all about rebellion,” and, “Republicans don’t have a future unless they break up with the religious right and the gay-bashing, Bible-thumping fringe that gives the party such a bad rap with every young voter. By fighting to legally ban abortion, the party undercuts the potential to paint itself as a rebel against the governmental-controlled machine.”

Government coercion is at the heart of the left’s social advocacy, including forcing taxpayers to subsidize it and putting a gun to the head of Catholic and other faith-based institutions to pay for abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilizations, so I think Ms. Westwood is confused about who the rebel is here against government power.

Finally, she asserts that “the evangelical set essentially hijacked the Republican Party in the 1970s; now we need to take it back.” To what? To where? Tom Dewey’s party?

Read more at The Washington Times

Erick Erickson reminds those who want to marginalize social conservatives in the GOP:

A sizable portion of those black and hispanic voters voted GOP despite disagreeing with the GOP on fiscal issues. But they are strongly social conservative and could not vote for the party of killing kids and gay marriage. So they voted GOP.

You throw out the social conservatives and you throw out those hispanic and black voters. Further, you make it harder to attract new hispanic voters who happen to be the most socially conservative voters in the country.

Next, you’ll also see a reduction of probably half the existing GOP base. You won’t make that up with Democrats who suddenly think that because their uterus is safe they can now vote Republican. Most of those people don’t like fiscal conservatism either — often though claiming that they do.

Read more at Red State

If you’ve ever seen the move “Agenda: Grinding America Down” or former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov’s presentation on “How to Brainwash a Nation,” you’ll remember that the primary attack point for communists is the nuclear family. Why? Because the break-up of the family is key to getting people dependent on government. The breakdown of morals is key for getting excuses for bigger government to restrain people who have no self control. 

So you don’t have to agree with social conservatives, but you don’t want to marginalize or jettison them, either. Communists consider social conservatives the biggest obstacle of all to their agenda, which is why they specifically targeted us this last election.

When it comes to elections, here’s the deal on Social Conservatives. If you are a social liberal, there are already at least three parties advancing your cause: the Democrats, the Libertarians, and the Independents.

The Republican party is the ONLY party that even PRETENDS to give a damn about the modern day holocaust any more. And that’s the only reason why millions of social conservatives still stick with a party that continues to disappoint them in so many other areas. 

The beauty of the Tea Party is the way that we’ve been able to bring together people from across the political spectrum to unite behind three core principles: limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility.   When working with them, I have been willing to keep social issues separate because I already have a vehicle to fight for them: the Republican Party. I don’t need the Tea Party to take up those issues for me. 

However, if the Republican Party moves towards social liberalism, they will bring in a few people who are social liberals/fiscal conservatives, but they will end up losing their social conservative base entirely. Not because we don’t care about Tea Party principles, but because we view the betrayal of the unalienable right to life as a betrayal of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution itself. You cannot claim to believe in liberty and property rights and abandon the right at the base of all others: the right to your own life. You cannot claim to believe in small government and yet give government the right to take your life away. We will not abandon the unborn for our own self-interest. That’s the line we will not cross. To us, it would be the same as abandoning the Jews so long as Hitler supported capitalist economic principles. 

I understand fiscal conservatives who are also social liberals are frustrated that they don’t have a party that reflects all their values. They feel caught in between. But if you push the current Republican party towards social liberalism, you will split it. And right now we need unity more than ever.

Can we PLEASE focus on the REAL reason why we’re losing elections and focus on strategies for defeating the REAL enemy, here?

We have to oust the establishment RINO’s and spineless leadership running the party and replace them with steel-spined constitutional conservatives.  THAT should be our primary focus!

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