How The Media Helped Obama Win

How is it possible to re-elect a man who has kept the country at over 7.9% unemployment for four years, added $6 trillion in debt, caused the price of gas and other essentials to double, armed Mexican drug cartels with American guns, promised Russia he’d be more “flexible” in giving them our missile defenses in a second term, watched live in the situation room and refused to send help as four Americans were killed by terrorists in Libya, and smuggled arms to Syrian rebels linked with Al Qaeda?

Simple: have a mainstream media in your corner that refuses to report the news that voters need to know.  They refused to report on the Benghazi scandal.  They shelved stories about pending layoffs and tax hikes until that could hurt Obama’s re-election efforts.  They spun terrible jobs numbers.   They attacked all Republican candidates as anti-woman, anti-middle class, pro-millionaire, and otherwise “extreme.”   They even waited 7 days to report that Iran had fired on one of our drones.

They really outdid themselves this time.  The average American voter was kept in the dark about what he/she was truly voting for…and it showed.

Rich Noyes lists “Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama“:

1. The Media’s Biased Gaffe Patrol Hammered Romney: The media unfairly jumped on  inconsequential mistakes — or even invented controversies — from Romney and hyped them in to multi-day media “earthquakes.”  […]

2. Pounding Romney With Partisan Fact Checking: There’s nothing wrong with holding politicians accountable for the honesty of their TV ads and stump speeches, but this year the self-appointed media fact-checkers attacked Republicans as liars for statements that were accurate. […]

3. Those Biased Debate Moderators: Upset liberals scorned PBS’s Jim Lehrer for taking a hands-off approach in the first debate on October 3, with MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman slamming him as “practically useless ” for not jumping into the debate on behalf of President Obama.

Such criticism may have encouraged the activist approach taken by ABC’s Martha Raddatz in the vice presidential debate October 11, and by CNN’s Candy Crowley in the October 16 town hall debate, as both of those journalists repeatedly interrupted the Republican candidate and larded the discussion with a predominantly liberal agenda. […]

4. The Benghazi Blackout: Right after the September 11 attack in Libya, the networks proclaimed that the events would bolster President Obama — “reminding voters of his power as commander-in-chief,” as NBC’s Peter Alexander stated on the September 14 edition of “Today.” But as a cascade of leaked information erased the portrait of Obama as a heroic commander, the broadcast networks shunted the Benghazi story to the sidelines.   […]

5. Burying the Bad Economy: Pundits agreed that Obama’s weakness was the failure of the US economy to revive after his expensive stimulus and four years of $1 trillion deficits. But the major networks failed to offer the sustained, aggressive coverage of the economy that incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush faced in 1992, or even that George W. Bush faced in 2004 — both years when the national economy was in better shape than it is now.

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Dan Gainor observes at Fox News:

Networks that hammered President George W. Bush for high gas prices and high unemployment gave their candidate almost a complete pass – blaming Bush more than twice as much as Obama. On Election Day, unemployment was 7.9 percent, actually higher than it had been when Obama took office. Debt, deficit and underemployment were off the charts.

Obama didn’t win despite the numbers. He won because the media didn’t report them. They spent an entire campaign promoting social issues – abortion, gay marriage and more – where journalists near 100 percent support. The onslaught against GOP candidates was huge. The left/media strategy was merely to link Romney with any social conservative they could and hype what that candidate said.

Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell summed up the campaign news coverage by calling journalism “roadkill.” “The media lauded Obama no matter how horrendous his record, and they savaged Obama’s Republican contenders as ridiculous pretenders,” he wrote.

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One thought on “How The Media Helped Obama Win”

  1. A Judas goat is a goat trained lead other livestock into a slaughter
    house through TRUST! Dean Singleton , Chairman of Associated Press along with CBS, NBC and ABC News all were Judas goats used lead good, trusting Americans to the economic and moral slaughter house. Why? I don’t know. But they were complacent in the little subtle stories that either stroked Obama or bashed Romney. (They dismissed Obama’s numerous lies about Benghazigate! ) Only radio talk show host Michael Savage was telling it like it was and somehow some legal settlement took him off the air as the election was concluding.

    I could understand the cocaine snorting ,drug rehab Hollywood Crowd
    loving Obama’s decadent life style. After all, Obama promised the most
    open administrations in history. But now it is obvious it is one of the
    most corrupt. When the whole economy comes unglued remember that the main stream media led us there like a Judas goat. All you had to do and read
    Obama’s own book when he told you how easy it was for him to manipulate the guilt ridden white man. It was all there in black and white and on tape for
    those of you who could not read. It reminds me of that Twilight Zone show episode entitled: To Serve Man. “It was a cook book!”

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