The Biblical Response To A Tragic Election

Today I’m hearing a lot of Christians say, “oh, well, it’s the end times, Jesus will be coming soon anyway.” One of the serious problems with the modern church’s obsession with the “End Times” and eschatology is that it has often led to a defeatist attitude.

“The world is supposed to get darker before Jesus comes,” some say, therefore coming to the conclusion that when it comes to fighting evil, “resistance is futile”, especially in regards to the onslaught of secularism and immorality in America. The generations of faith who founded our nation would be appalled to hear their posterity embrace such an unbiblical, defeatist philosophy.

What if the WWII generation had taken that attitude while Hitler was trying to take over Europe? Christians in those days had every reason to assume Hitler was the “antichrist”, yet thank God they didn’t use that as an excuse to just retreat to the hillsides and scan the heavens for Christ’s return! If they had, the world we live in today would be a VERY different place.

I’m not equating Obama with Hitler, but the record of history is that men of ambition, with no respect for constraints on their power or people willing to hold them in check, will soon become tyrants, no matter how “good” they think their intentions are.

“We’re supposed to focus on evangelism, not political issues,” is another lie which has sprouted from the “Last Days” madness. What has given us the unbiblical idea that ANY area of life is the exclusive territory of unbelievers, whether it be music, media, education, politics, or anything else? God created all of these things, and they have all been usurped and corrupted by the Enemy. Our job as believers is not to cede territory to the Enemy, but to redeem these areas for God’s glory. And yes, that includes government!

I find it ironic that as Christians, we admire secular people who fight for what they believe in, but have somehow bought the lie that following Jesus means WE shouldn’t. In fact, the very opposite is true.

Jesus didn’t tell us to “evangelize” the nations, he told us to DISCIPLE them, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” That means TRANSFORMING SOCIETY with God’s Truth, not just leading people in the “sinner’s prayer”. That battle happens on two fronts: in the spiritual, fighting for the hearts and minds of each generation, and in the physical, holding the line for truth, justice, and righteousness.

Joel McDurmon has it right: the idea that Christians must choose between “awareness” and “activism” is a false choice, indeed.

I also saw a lot of Christians quoting Romans 13 today, urging believers to submit to the governing authorities.

While this is true, we must also remember that we are called to give to Caesar what is Caesar, and to God what is God’s. We must discern, as our founders did, where we must submit and where we must declare, “we must obey God rather than men.”

So let’s open our Bibles and learn the difference.

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