It’s Time To Fire John Boehner

Long overdue.  Should have done it after last summer’s debt ceiling debacle.  It’s been obvious for a long time that he only has the spine to fight against true conservatives in his own party, not against Obama and his dangerous leftist agenda.

Alexis Levinson reports:

The backlash against Speaker of the House John Boehner’s removal of several conservative members of Congress from committees continued Wednesday, with one conservative group calling for Republicans to “depose” Boehner from his speakership.

American Majority Action (AMA) is launching a #FireBoehner campaign. If 16 members of the Republican Party abstain from voting for Boehner as speaker in January, he will be one vote shy of the 218 necessary to confirm his speakership.

“Speaker Boehner has been an abysmal failure as speaker, and his latest purge is the nail in the coffin for conservatives,” said Ned Ryun, president and CEO of AMA. “Boehner has never won a negation [sic] battle with the White House or Senate — and he’s been nothing short of an embarrassing spokesman for the conservative movement. It’s time for him to go.”

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Ned Ryun advises at Red State:

The House rules demand that a Speaker receive a majority—218 votes—to be elected speaker. If no nominee for speaker receives 218, the House remains speakerless—as it did during parts of the Civil War.

If 16 House Republicans were to abstain from voting for Speaker, Boehner would only receive 217 votes.

Once we depose Boehner and cause a firestorm, the Republican caucus will get the memo: Pick someone else! These 16 Republicans only need to hold out until the caucus chooses a new leader.

[…]  Republicans and conservatives deserve a more articulate, more conservative leader. In fact, we need one if we want to keep the House majority and take the Senate. Boehner has been Obama’s punching bag and has lost every public battle with the President. Now, he’s waging an internal war on conservatives.

Read more at Red State

My vote would be for Paul Ryan.

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