Permanent Campaign Mode: Left Activates Obama Campaign Activists, Propaganda Artists To Attack NRA

The painting is called “Brought To You By The NRA,” made by a liberal artist who openly admires the propaganda tactics he’s seen “influence events in Russia, in China and elsewhere.”:


What was the Newtown shooter’s name again?

If you listened to liberals, you’d think it was the NRA.   The Left has now launched an all-out Alinsky campaign to demonize and blame gun-rights organizations – not the insane gunman – for the deaths of 20 innocent children at Newtown.

By the time they’re done, they want the public to believe that the NRA is directly responsible for this horrific crime, even though the NRA condemns all criminal acts of violence, supports keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, and dedicates themselves solely to protecting the rights of honest, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and the innocent against such violence.

Let’s hope the NRA is better at anticipating and deflecting Alinsky tactics than the GOP is.

Ben Shapiro warns at Breitbart:

The Obama administration puzzled many observers by leaving its campaign infrastructure largely in place in the aftermath of President Obama’s re-election win. Now we know why. According to Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s former deputy campaign manager on Ed Schultz’s MSNBC program:

President Obama’s network across this country, grassroots individuals, who organize, volunteered with their time to get the president reelected are much more powerful than the NRA lobby. And I think that you can expect to see that network activated, very soon. And for good reason.

Cutter’s words should frighten Americans accustomed to the usual ins-and-outs of politics. Unlike prior presidents, who leveraged their campaign into power, then got down to the business of governing, Obama is running a permanent campaign intended to destroy his political opposition completely.

This has been his agenda for years – only now, the administration is pursuing full-scale opposition openly from within the White House. In the past, the President relied on his allies in the 501(c)3 charitable world to do his dirty work.

[…]   But Obama’s in his second term, so he sees no need to hide behind Media Matters any longer. Now he’ll just use that vast infrastructure he’s built to go after all of his enemies, the NRA included. This president has no interest in achieving policy solutions. He’s interested in blowing up those who oppose him. The campaign never ends for President Obama.

Read more at Breitbart

They NEVER STOP CAMPAIGNING. They keep paid staff and activists agitating year round. But conservatives prefer to show up every election and then go back to their quiet lives in between. The most conditioned team is going to win. We can’t win if we keep leaving the field for months at a time between games.

Thankfully, it appears the NRA is prepared for this fight and is not taking it lightly:

In an interview with ABC News this evening, NRA President David Keene said the gun-rights lobby is aggressively preparing for “battle” with the White House and Congress over President Obama’s sweeping new proposals to curb gun violence.

[…]  “All bets are off when a president really wants to go to war with you,” he said. “We’re gonna be there and we’re gonna fight it.”

Read more at Fox Nation

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