Dems, Media, Law Enforcement Across The Country Push For Disarming Law-Abiding Citizens

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Last month, New York passed sweeping gun restrictions, which were rammed through the legislature so quickly that they didn’t even notice that law enforcement would be hamstrung by it.

Other states are rapidly following suit.

In Missouri, Democrats have introduced a bill that would require law-abiding citizens to give up their semi-automatic weapons:

Missouri Democrat state Rep. Rory Ellinger has put forth H.B. 545, which would ban “assault weapons” and many semi-automatic pistols. It would give owners of said weapons 90 days to either turn them in or get them out of the state.

After 90 days, those in possession of such weapons would face class “C” felony charges.

The legislation defines an “assault weapon” as a rifle with a detachable magazine and any “one or more of the following: a pistol grip or thumbhole stock… protruding grip that can be held by nontrigger hand, a folding or telescoping stock, [or] a shroud attached to the barrel” that protects the shooter from being burned from the heat of barrel.

The legislation also bans semi-automatic pistols with a fixed magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds or a detachable magazine and “one or more of the following” features: “a protruding grip,” “a folding stock,” or “a shroud attached to the barrel” that protects the shooter from being burned from the heat of the barrel.

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In Michigan, reporters are decrying an “alarming trend” of “street justice” after two law-abiding citizens defended themselves against armed robbers by firing their legal weapons:

In California, a police chief actually claims that the “idea that a gun is a defensive weapon” is a “myth”:

“A gun is not a defensive weapon.”

James is the Police Chief of Emeryville, California and the Police Chief Association’s Firearms Committee Chairman.

“A gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power,” he asserted, explaining to the audience that police officers don’t carry weapons to defend themselves, but to do their job in a “safe and effective manner.”

Anybody who asserts that “a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power,” needs to have his badge pulled.  The purpose of a police force is to SERVE and PROTECT the people, not INTIMIDATE and SHOW POWER.  The purpose of their guns is to defend their lives and that of the innocent from violent criminals.  If he doesn’t understand that, he needs to step down RIGHT NOW!

Wayne LaPierre writes at the Daily Caller:

The media try to make rank-and-file Americans feel guilty about buying a gun. The enemies of freedom demonize gun buyers and portray us as social lepers. But we know the truth. We know that responsible gun ownership exemplifies what is good and right about America.

Responsible Americans realize that the world as we know it has changed. We, the American people, clearly see the daunting forces we will undoubtedly face: terrorists, crime, drug gangs, the possibility of Euro-style debt riots, civil unrest or natural disaster.

Gun owners are not buying firearms because they anticipate a confrontation with the government. Rather, we anticipate confrontations where the government isn’t there—or simply doesn’t show up in time.

To preserve the inalienable, individual human right to keep and bear arms—to withstand the siege that is coming—the NRA is building a four-year communications and resistance movement. The enemies of the Second Amendment will be met with unprecedented defiance, commitment and determination. We will Stand And Fight.

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