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Gunrunner-In-Chief Blames America For Mexico Gun Violence


The unmitigated gall of this man is mind-blowing.   His administration’s gun-running scheme armed Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the deaths of at least 2 border agents and 300 Mexican citizens.   And he has the nerve to blame US??

Fred Lucas reports at CNS News:

President Barack Obama, speaking in Mexico City on Friday, said the United States is responsible for much of the crime and violence in Mexico because of the demand for drugs and the illegal smuggling of guns across the southern border.

He told the crowd, “We understand that the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico for which so many Mexicans have suffered is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States.” He later added, “We also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.”

Obama acknowledged the illegal smuggling of guns into Mexico by American criminals, but did not mention the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious that allowed the flow of about 2,000 U.S. guns to Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Fast and Furious began in the fall of 2009 and was halted in December 2010 after two of the weapons from the DOJ gun walking program were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Read more at CNS News

David Limbaugh rages at Human Events:

Obama didn’t just offer a few throwaway lines at the issue, taking playful jabs at his Republican opponents. He actually seemed to be blaming Americans for the corrupt and violent Mexican drug culture.

He said, “Much of the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico, for which so many Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States.”

Can you believe that? Who thinks that way, much less a United States president? Whose team is he on? Whom is he fighting for? Wouldn’t you think that if the captain of our team were going to complain about problems between our two countries, he would direct his criticisms at those committing the crimes in their own country and those who also come to our country in droves illegally, even if the numbers have decreased recently because of Obama’s economy?

But no, it’s our fault. It’s always our fault, even when he’s the president. What an impotent guy he must be not to be able to have a more positive effect on us evil Americans.

But he didn’t stop there. Why should he have? He had a perfect platform to kill a couple of eagles with the same stone. He next took aim at America’s evil gun manufacturers.

He said: “Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States. I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will. But at the same time, as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. That can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do.”

It is disgraceful enough that this American president would gratuitously paint America in a negative light before foreign people and their leaders (absent some egregious, deliberate action by the United States). But it is especially reprehensible that he attacked Americans and American gun manufacturers for the purpose of advancing his political and policy agenda in the United States.

If he wanted to apologize to Mexico, perhaps he should have started with Fast and Furious and the illegal guns his administration walked into Mexico without its permission or knowledge, which resulted in the death of some 200 Mexicans. But his apology ought to be on behalf of his administration, including himself and his attorney general, not America generally.

Read more at Human Events

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Obama Tells College Grads To Ignore Warnings About Big Government, Tyranny


Translation: Don’t think. Don’t Question.  Just go along with whatever the ruling class tells you to do.

Erica Ritz reports:

A year to the day after kicking off his re-election campaign at Ohio State University, President Barack Obama returned to the college campus and told graduates that only through vigorous participation in their “democracy” can they right an ill-functioning government and break through relentless cynicism about the nation’s future.

Obama also urged the students to “reject these voices” that warn of the evils of government, saying:

Still, you’ll hear voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the root of all our problems, even as they do their best to gum up the works; or that tyranny always lurks just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.

We have never been a people who place all our faith in government to solve our problems, nor do we want it to. But we don’t think the government is the source of all our problems, either. Because we understand that this democracy is ours. As citizens, we understand that America is not about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but absolutely necessary work of self-government.


The cynics may be the loudest voices—but they accomplish the least. It’s the silent disruptors—those who do the long, hard, committed work of change—that gradually push this country in the right direction, and make the most lasting difference. [Emphasis added]

Read more at The Blaze

Doug Powers makes a powerful observation:

Interesting. Obama said that those who warn others to be on the lookout for government tyranny run counter to the reason this “brave, and creative, and unique experiment in self-rule” called the United States of America was formed, when in fact a stand against government tyranny is precisely why this country came into existence. Can somebody please flick the paradox switch on the teleprompter to the “off” position?

Thomas Paine wrote about the “government and society should be a single entity” approach in Common Sense, and concluded the two should never be indistinguishable:

“Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher. Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one;”

Read more at Michelle Malkin

Gordan Runyan remarks:

Two things:

1. We need no further proof to justify a chorus of horse-laughter over his claim to being a Constitutional scholar. Because a Constitutional scholar would have read a book or two. Specifically, say, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. He would’ve seen that the nation was extremely concerned about tyranny in America in the run-up to the ratification of the federal Constitution. Indeed, those on the Anti-Federalist side seem more like prophets with each passing day, as they were convinced that the new Constitution would not, in fact, keep tyranny from happening here. Warning about government tyranny is practically the sine qua non of the American experiment.

President Reagan spoke as an American in this honorable tradition when he quipped that the scariest words in our language were, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” Mr. Obama speaks those words in earnest, like he really means them, and wonders why anyone would be nervous about it.

2. I really have no idea who he’s talking about, these mysterious voices warning of tyranny lurking around the corner. Everyone I know who is paying any attention is aware that tyranny is here right now, out in the open! I wish we lived in a time when tyrants were still afraid to show themselves!

Read more at Last Resistance

I especially like Trifecta’s take on this:

View on YouTube

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Permanent Campaign: Obama SOTU Launches ‘Organizing for Action’ Nationwide


This is why liberals keep successfully advancing their agenda…because they NEVER stop agitating and campaigning.  Unlike conservatives, who go back to living our daily lives until the next election, Leftists keep the pressure on ALL THE TIME.   It’s the Chicago Brown Shirt way.

If we’re going to beat them for the long haul, we can’t afford to rest on our laurels between elections anymore.   We have to stay in the fight year-round.

Joel Pollack reports at Breitbart:

As President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address, activists involved in his new non-profit advocacy group, Organizing for Action, gathered in local meetings around the country to watch and cheer him on. The new 501(c)4 organization, which is an offshoot of his re-election campaign, aims to support the president’s policies and to project the power of the White House beyond Washington into local communities and media.

[…]  Immediately after the speech ended, organizers turned the sound down on Sen. Marco Rubio’s response and set up a laptop to hear a special message from president Obama, who would be addressing Organizing for Action activists on a national conference call. After a few minutes, Obama’s voice came through the speakers, telling the activists that he would be asking for their help in pushing Congress to adopt his second-term agenda.

There was something slightly different in his tone of voice. This was not a head of state addressing a nation; this was a local community organizer talking to his volunteers–not over them, but at them. The contrast in style created a feeling of intimacy, which made listeners feel he was speaking personally to them. Not everyone was convinced; one woman told me she doubted he would be able to achieve all he had set out to do.

Regardless, the very fact that the evening happened the way it did was a success for the new organization. The Obama camp believes it is less important to convince people with words than to condition them with deeds. And the deeds are not that complicated. For all the talk about high-tech voter turnout programs, the methods Obama uses to win are decidedly old-school. He wins because Republicans don’t bother to do the same.

Read more at Breitbart

There’s another conference call this weekend, when former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Organizing for Action Executive Director Jon Carson will be giving their foot soldiers their marching orders for advancing Obama’s economic agenda.

Republicans, where is your ground game to defeat this onslaught?

Obama’s Organizing For America Plans “National Day Of Action” To Mobilize Liberals On Gun-Control

Obama’s New ‘Organizing For Action’ Brownshirt Brigade Teaming Up With George Soros

Community-Organizer-In-Chief Reboots 2012 Campaign Machine As Political Activist Group Devoted To…Himself

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SOTU 2013: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

I gotta be honest…I just didn’t have it in me to watch this year.   My BS meter was already maxed out, and every preview of the speech’s content pretty much assured me that a root canal would be preferable to sitting through this.

When I read the transcript, I toyed with the idea of going through it as I have in the past, debunking and translating the double-speak point by point.  But there’s nothing he said that hasn’t already been debunked and exposed multiple times before.  He really doesn’t have any new ideas…just the same old, tired, recycled talking points.

So I’m going to let the CATO Institute break it down for you.  I honestly can’t think of anyone better (apart from their apparent agreement with Obama that Al Qaeda is “on the run,” but that’s to be expected of Libertarians):

View on YouTube

Here’s the Tea Party response from Sen. Rand Paul:

View on YouTube

Senator Marco Rubio delivered the official GOP response.

Dr. Ben Carson gave some great commentary, as well:

View on YouTube

Mark Levin on Obama’s SOTU Address: A Castro-Like Speech in English

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Obama Calls for Billions in New Spending, Minimum Wage Hike

Obama proposed tax increases will not solve debt problem

New Obama Campaign Ad Claims His Policies Based On Faith, ‘Following God’s Command’

In a last ditch effort to try and court religious voters, the Obama campaign has released a new ad which claims that Obama’s policies are following God’s commands:

View on YouTube

So which religious leaders did Obama pick to interpret scripture on his behalf?  Let’s take a look.

Bishop Vashti McKenzie, according to Discover The Networks, is the first woman bishop of the liberal African Methodist Episcopal Church, which ordained the radical Marxist minister and Obama’s mentor, James Cone.  She is also “another proponent of black liberation theology, and another friend and defender of Jeremiah Wright.”

Professor Stephen Schneck is the National Co-Chair of Catholics for Obama, a group which defies church teachings by supporting pro-abortion Democrats and blames Republicans for increasing abortion by not supporting Socialist solutions to poverty.

J. R. Kerr is an evangelical pastor from Chicago and a proponent of the “Social Justice” movement.

Rabbi Samuel Gordon is co-founder of Rabbis For Obama, a group that boycotts and defames Israel while cozying up to Ahmadinejad.

And what do these Socialist, pro-abortion, anti-Israel spokespeople consider to be Obama’s “biblical values”?

Pastor Kerr touts Obama’s “basic core belief that when one part suffers, every part every part suffers…it’s a deeply religious belief.”   Yes, it is.  Problem is, instead of recognizing that the Bible’s command to care for the needy is directed to individuals, families and the body of Christ, Obama seeks to transfer these responsibilities to the control of the Almighty State.

Obama says in the ad that “I believe in country that rewards hard work and responsibility, a country where we look after one another, a country where I say I’m my brother’s keeper, I’m my sister’s keeper.”   Problem is, he doesn’t trust God and the free market to reward hard work and responsibility through voluntary exchanges and happy customers.

If Obama had ever studied the teachings of Jesus, he’d know that “being my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper” isn’t one of them.  Rather, that’s a distortion of Cain’s response to God when asked where his murdered brother was: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  In other words, “How would I know where my brother is?  I’m not his babysitter!”   Liberation theology has twisted Cain’s guilty response into an endorsement of socialist policies such as redistribution.

Rabbi Gordon praises Obama’s government takeover of the healthcare industry, supporting Obama’s claim that “When I talk about making sure insurance companies aren’t discriminating against those who are already sick, I do so…because I believe in God’s command to love thy neighbor as thyself.”   Making sure that people with long-term illnesses and pre-existing conditions are able to receive health care is a lofty goal, but again, the problem is that he employs an unscriptural solution: nationalizing one’s own body.  Solutions that employ private charities and respect individual liberty are completely dismissed.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” is another command that Obama and his friends are twisting to mean that government can forcibly confiscate your rightful property and use it to pay for someone else’s medical bills.  That’s not love – that’s THEFT.

Bishop McKenzie makes the claim that “When he stands in the gap for the auto industry to be sure there are jobs for people to have, that’s putting your faith in action, that’s putting feet to your faith.”   We already have a lawful system for that, called bankruptcy court.  Obama broke the law by bypassing the courts, forcing investors to take less than they had been promised by contract, and forcing hard-working American taxpayers to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of his union pals, who had helped to bankrupt the industry.  Much of that money came back to the President in the form of campaign contributions.   Giving special favors to campaign contributors and going around the law are NOT Biblical values.

Professor Schneck insists that “saving people’s jobs is a moral policy,” but he doesn’t understand how Biblical economics works.   Keeping a person at a job in an industry that is failing simply diverts that person’s labors away from another industry that may be better served by his talents.   We could get the government to still subside making horse-drawn carriages and 8-track machines that nobody wants to buy, but neither the workers nor the economy would be benefited by doing so.   It is not the government’s job to decide where to divert workers and resources.  The free market naturally directs workers and resources to the areas where they are in most demand, allowing less efficient or desirable industries to fade.  It is not for the State to play God in this area.

Schneck also says “The Bible tell us that to whom much is given, much is expected,” misquoting Luke 12:48 to support the Marxist theory of progressive taxation: that the more you make, the more you should pay.  Luke 12:48 refers to what GOD will require from us, not the government.   It is GOD who gives and takes away, not the state.  Obama is deliberately putting the state in the place of God by hijacking that verse.

In fact, the Bible admonishes us in Leviticus 19:15 to treat all people equal under the law, regardless of income: “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”   A tax policy that punishes people for their success and declares that the rich have less of a right to their earnings than the poor is a miscarriage of justice; a form of unequal treatment before the law in violation of scripture.  The example God left for us was one of a flat percentage rate of 10% from the poorest to the richest, and His ways are just.

American Christians have a very serious decision to make, and they have to make it based on solid Biblical principles.   We are obligated to support candidates who respect human life at all ages and stages, the Biblical definition of marriage, religious liberty, and Biblical economic principles and solutions to poverty – NOT Marxist ones.   We must be cautious to examine the claims and promises of politicians and their sycophants against the truth of scripture, and discern where those scriptures are being twisted to support an ungodly agenda.

Barack Obama is the most Biblically-hostile U. S. President in America’s history, and his long record proves it.

Find more info here on “Liberation Theology” and its offshoot, “Black Liberation Theology,” which was taught at Jeremiah Wright’s church where Obama attended for 20 years, and which these so-called “religious leaders” ascribe to.

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Democrats Remove All Mentions Of ‘God’ From Party Platform

Christians and the Democratic Party

Democrats Remove All Mentions Of ‘God’ From Party Platform

Did they think nobody would notice?

The Democrat party is now officially the party of the Secular Humanists and Atheist Marxists.   Can’t very well acknowledge God when one’s goal is to put the idolatrous Messianic Welfare State in His place, taking the role of the ultimate moral authority, arbiter of right and wrong, and sole provider upon which all people depend.

Of course, this messianic state must have its messianic figure, and Obama is more than happy to accommodate.   He is mentioned in their platform 200 times – more than any other president in history. In 2008, it mentioned him only 8 times. The RNC platform mentions Romney only once.

Steven Ertelt reports at LifeNews:

Democrats have removed any mention of God from their party platform, dropping language from the 2008 version that at least had a passing reference to the Creator whom the founders of the nation explained grants the rights we enjoy.

Eagle-eyed reporter David Brody of CBN News discovered the omission.

“Guess what? God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform,” he writes. “The Brody File has calls into DNC to explain why God’s name has been dropped from the platform. Some critics will suggest that when you have planks in your platform that support abortion rights and gay marriage then it’s no wonder that God’s name would be dropped as well.”

This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform:

“We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

Now the words “God-given” have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured to say this:

“We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth – the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

Thomas Peters of CatholicVote also noticed Brody’s report on the change and responded:

“Yet another step in the secularizing evolution of modern progressivism,” he said. “You can see the draft of the 2012 DNC platform here and, sure enough, there is no mention of “God” anywhere in it.

Read more at LifeNews

Amy Lutz observes at Hot Air:

When you remove God from his rightful place and reject the notion of God-given rights and blessings, a void is created. For progressives, government fits easily into that void. In the “absence” of God, government becomes god for progressives. Without a solid foundation on natural law and God-given rights, our foundation crumbles and is subject to the temporary passions of a few power-seeking politicians. If you exclude the concept of God-given rights, rights are seemingly “created” right and left by the all-powerful government. For example, now we are apparently “entitled” to universal healthcare and “reproductive rights.” Or so “private citizen” Sandra Fluke tells me. The government is not our salvation. Mitt Romney hit this nail on the head in his quick response to the DNC video. His statement? “We don’t belong to government. Government belongs to us.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Government was created to serve the people and protect our God-given rights. Should we forget this, we will be prey to a bloated bureaucracy whose massive arms are always grasping for more; more taxes, more regulation; less freedom. Government is NOT the only thing we all belong to. We share a common humanity and a common kinship as Americans. It is government that threatens to tear that apart. Politicians target citizens with political divisiveness and party politics. This election, we need to refocus and flip the political hierarchy upside down. We need to replace the cult-like government worship with an ideology that holds government accountable to the people. It’s not the other way around. Government is not god. Government is here to serve us. We must make ourselves subservient to God and ourfellow citizens, not big government.

Read more at Hot Air

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Obama Economic Plan Would Explode Debt to $25.4 Trillion

Obama is deliberately selling the next two generations of Americans into debt slavery.

Wynton Hall reports at Breitbart:

In presidential campaign ads, President Barack Obama claims that his economic plan includes “$4 trillion in deficit reduction.” For a president who has increased the national debt more than all U.S. presidents from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined, the claim seems incredible. Indeed, it is.

A new analysis of Mr. Obama’s budget reveals the president’s plan would add $10.6 trillion in debt accumulation over the next decade, bringing the U.S. federal debt to a jaw-dropping $25.4 trillion.

[…]  In addition, the Obama budget contains $1.8 trillion in tax increases over the next decade. Specifically, the top marginal tax rate would jump to 39.6 percent, taxes on dividends would skyrocket to 43.4 percent (from 15 percent), and the death tax would leap to 45 percent.

Read more at Breitbart

Debt Has Increased $64,000 Per Taxpayer Under Obama

President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History

National Debt: $189,000 Per Every American Man, Woman and Child

US Gov’t Is Bankrupt, System of Republican Constitutional Gov’t Is At Stake

[adrotate group=”10″]

Obama Claims US Military Uses Favorite Weapon of Communists, Terrorists

Seriously? Would it kill him (or his speech writers) to do a little basic homework about our military, considering the fact that, you know, he’s their Commander-in-Chief?

John Hayward explains at Human Events:

In a speech to the National Urban League convention in New Orleans, almost a week after the Colorado shooting rampage, the President spoke in favor of more background checks for gun purchases, and alluded to an assault-weapons ban.

Obama’s choice of words for trotting out the assault weapons ban raised many eyebrows: “I, like most Americans, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms.  But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals… that they belong on the battlefields of war and not on the streets of our cities.”

The AK-47 is the weapon of choice for America’s enemies.  American troops don’t commonly use them, but the Kalashnikov AK-47, originally designed by the Soviets but widely imitated, has been a symbol of violent revolution for decades.  The Third World is lousy with them – it’s thought that over 150 million units of the weapon and its variants have been produced.  It’s very popular with the Taliban.

There is a good deal of appreciation for the AK-47 among American gun owners, and there have been accounts of individual American soldiers using captured enemy weapons as far back as Vietnam.  The Kalashnikov design has long been admired for its low cost, reliability, and power.  Some people think the U.S. military should adopt an AK-47 variant, or at least a rifle that uses the same 7.62mm ammunition.  But outside of the odd special unit, it’s not a standard issue weapon.

When the President says AK-47s “belong on the battlefields of war,” he’s talking about the guns pouring fire at American soldiers on those battlefields – the weapons that have written the history of countless totalitarian revolutions in blood.  This is not a minor point, familiar only to military veterans and the most knowledgeable gun enthusiasts.  The practical and symbolic importance of the Kalashnikov is a big part of the Twentieth Century’s brutal history.

Read more at Human Events

Obama forgot which side he is on, apparently.

Does Obama Think U.S. Soldiers Use AK-47’s?

Since Weaning Himself Off The Teleprompter, Obama Has Made Three Major Gaffes

Here We Go… Barack Obama Pledges to Review Gun Control after Aurora Massacre

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Debt Has Increased $64,000 Per Taxpayer Under Obama

Our children are being sold into debt slavery. It’s fiscal child abuse for one generation to steal the future wages of the next generation before they can even earn it! When are Americans finally going to stand up and say ENOUGH!?!

Terence P. Jeffrey reports at CNS News:

The national debt has now increased by more than $64,000 per federal taxpayer since Barack Obama was inaugurated president.

At the close of business on Jan. 20, 2009, according to the U.S. Treasury, the total debt of the federal government was $10,626,877,048,913.08. By the close of business on July 10, 2012, that debt had climbed to $15,885,854,755,351.47—an increase of $5,258,977,706,438.39.

Read more at CNS News

President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History

Obama Has Created More Debt than Bush, in Less than Half the Time

National Debt: $189,000 Per Every American Man, Woman and Child

The State of Our Union Is Bankrupt

$16.4 Trillion in Debt By End of Year

US Gov’t Is Bankrupt, System of Republican Constitutional Gov’t Is At Stake

Mark Steyn Warns About What the World Will Look Like “After America” If We Don’t Change Course

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Obama’s Unprecedented Hostility Towards Religion: One Nation Under Government, Not Under God

It’s been the same story with every corrupt human ruler, from Pharoahs to kings of Babylon to Roman emperors to European monarchies to third-world dictators.  They try to take the place of God in people’s lives and recognize no higher moral authority than themselves or Natural Law which supersedes their whims and decrees.

Like every power-hungry ruler before him, the Narcissist-in-Chief’s personal messiah complex won’t tolerate competition from a higher authority.

Phyllis Schlafly observes at Townhall:

When Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States” we could not have anticipated the extreme transformations he would seek. The evidence is rolling in that he is determined to transform America into a totally secular land where religion is permitted only within the walls of a church and is banned in every public place, public gathering and public school.

Obama tipped us off to his animosity toward religious Americans when, campaigning in San Francisco in 2008, he insulted religious people in small towns. He said, they “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

In April 2009, Obama delivered a speech at Georgetown University, only after his staff had pressured the Catholic college to conceal the monogram for the name of Jesus that was always displayed above the podium. In May 2009, he cancelled the traditional White House event honoring the National Day of Prayer, saying that he would pray only in private.

Obama began censoring religious words out of important American documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, from which he many times deleted the word “Creator.” In a November 2010, speech, Obama pretended to quote the U.S. national motto, “In God We Trust,” but he changed it to “e pluribus unum” (out of many, one).

When Obama gave the traditional Presidential Thanksgiving Day address in 2011, it’s not clear whom he was thanking on this uniquely American holiday, but it was not God.

Barack Obama is trying to morph our traditional religious liberty to the lesser scope of freedom of worship. That means worship only inside a church, or maybe a synagogue, but not any public affirmation of belief in God.

In July 2011, Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs banned any mention of Jesus Christ during burials at Houston National Cemetery. The ban was lifted only after hundreds of demonstrators protested.

In September 2011, the U.S. Army revised guidelines for Walter Reed Hospital to read: “No religious items (i.e., Bibles, reading materials…) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.” The hospital rescinded this policy only after Congressman Steve King, R-Iowa, reported it to the House of Representatives.

In February 2012, the Air Force removed the Latin word for God, Dei, from the logo of the Rapid Capabilities Office, and it was also removed the Latin motto, which means “Doing God’s Work With Other People’s Money.” The new logo says, “Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money.”

Also in February 2012, the U.S. Army warned Catholic chaplains not to read from an archbishop’s letter opposing the Obama administration’s mandate that all employers, including religious hospitals, schools and colleges, must pay for abortifacients drugs, contraceptives and sterilizations for their employees. People were shocked by the military order telling chaplains what they cannot say to members of their own faith during a religious service.

Read more at Townhall

Our founders specifically limited and separated the powers of the federal government because they knew that men are easily corrupted by power, and they did not want any one man or group of men to have too much.    We must restore these constitutional checks and balances, or we will be facing an eventual oligarchy and dictatorship.

Obama Says He Spread ‘Social Gospel’ As A Community Organizer

Barack Obama: America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President

Jealous god Obama attacks rival religions

Big Government is the rival and enemy of religion

God our Provider vs. The State

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Narcissist-in-Chief Mentions Himself 117 Times In One 25-Minute Speech

In November, let’s all take him down a notch.

Terence P. Jeffrey writes at CNS News:

Speaking in Sandusky, Ohio on July 5, President Barack Obama used the first-person pronouns “I” and “me” a combined 117 times in a speech that lasted about 25 minutes and 32 seconds.

Obama used “I” 98 times and “me” 19 times, according to a transcript of the speech posted by the White House. A videotape of the speechposted on YouTube shows that Obama spoke for about 25-and-a-half minutes.

During this speech, Obama used “I” or “me” approximately once every 13.09 seconds.

Read more at CNS News

American Narcissist? Obama Personality Cult Grows Bigger and Stronger

White House Adds Obama Propaganda To Previous Presidents’ Bios On Website

Egomaniac-in-Chief: Troops Are Fighting On ‘My Behalf’

Democrat Headquarters Flies Modified American Flag That Features Obama’s Face

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Biden: Cities in Communist China Are Better Than in America

Biden Says Cities in China Are Better Than in America

View on YouTube

I prefer our “substandard” cities here in America, where at least I know I can walk down the street pregnant without being kidnapped and forcibly aborted because some bureaucrat has decided I have too many kids.

Charlie Spiering reports at the Washington Examiner:

Speaking before American mayors in Florida today, Vice President Biden lamented the lack of federal infrastructure projects.

“I wish you could travel around the world with me, 600,000 miles so far just as Vice President,” Biden said, adding that he wished he could show them cities in China.

“If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it,” Biden said. “If I said, ‘which one is in America and which one is in China,’ most Americans would say, ‘That great one is in America.'”

“It’s not.” Biden said emphatically.

Read more at the Washington Examiner

The Great Wall of China is one of their best infrastructure projects, too.  Of course, thousands of peasants were starved and worked to death building it, and the wall is full of their bodies.  But hey, that’s “progress,” right?

Obama wishes he had an easier job, like president of China

Obama Shames America by Coveting China’s Trains and Airports

Vice President Biden Sympathizes With China’s Brutal “One-Child” Policy

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Jealous god Obama attacks rival religions

Choose this day whom you will serve.

Stella Paul warns at American Thinker:

Thou shall have no other gods before Obama.  For Obama is a jealous god who demands total obeisance.

In 2008, Americans voted to deify a unique man of history.  Obama is much more than the first president to be raised by a transsexual nanny in Indonesia.  He’s also the very first commander-in-chief to thank his drug dealer in his high school yearbook, instead of his mom.

In the last election, public schoolteachers forced their students to sing hymns of praise to their puppy-eating Obama-god, and proudly placed their devotionals on YouTube.  Media acolytes proclaimed him “The One” and “The LightBringer,” and audiences fainted dead away at his rallies, presumably overcome by all that dang Light he was a’bringin’.

And religious people and institutions went right along with the whole preposterous charade, unfazed by this utterly un-American worship of a politician.  (Can anyone imagine true believers fainting at an Eisenhower rally?)

Obama won 54% of the Catholic vote and 78% of the Jewish vote by tilting his chin towards the heavens, aglow with a media-affixed halo, and offering himself as a Replacement Deity.

“…A light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama,” he told New Hampshire worshipers on January 7, 2008.

And when he won the nomination on June 3, 2008, he unleashed this self-sanctifying twaddle: “… Generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment…when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”  (Though the puppies may be out of luck.)

But if 2008 was the moment when a phony messiah sold nonsense on stilts, this is the moment when religious Americans must definitively decide before whom they kneel.

Forty-three Catholic institutions have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration for violating their freedom of religion — the largest religious lawsuit in American history.

Meanwhile, William Peter Blatty, famed author of The Exorcist, is suing his alma mater, Georgetown University, under Canon law, demanding that it either act in consort with Catholic values or cease calling itself Catholic.

What drove Blatty to such extreme measures?  Georgetown’s toadying selection of Obama’s chief abortion enforcer, Kathleen Sebelius, as graduation speaker.

The ramshackle structure that held the Church’s contradictions is falling apart, under the pressure of Obama’s lordly blows.  The University of Notre Dame conferred an honorary doctorate on Obama, despite his repeated, enthusiastic votes for infanticide.  At Obama’s insistence, Georgetown agreed to cover up its cross when he spoke there, so its rival sanctity would not distract from Dear Leader’s divinity.

And the Church used its influence to help ram through ObamaCare, despite the obvious threats that this legal monstrosity posed to its most basic religious freedom.

But now, with its precedent-shattering lawsuit against the federal government, the Church has decided that no more of Obama’s tyranny can be borne.  And 60 million Catholic Americans are now forced to choose: are they with Obama or with the Church?

Read more at American Thinker

Liberal US Catholic Bishops Made a Deal with the Devil

The Obama Inquisition: European-style Religious Persecution Reaches America’s Shores

American Narcissist? Obama Personality Cult Grows Bigger and Stronger

Obama Claims Jesus Would Support His Socialist Policies

Obama Equates Biblical Prophets Faith In God To Black Voters Faith In His Far-Left Policies

Environmental advocate: Obama and Christ are a lot alike

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Obama Says He Spread ‘Social Gospel’ As A Community Organizer

President Obama claims to be baffled as to why religious leaders view themselves as being under attack by his assault on the 1st Amendment.

That’s probably because Obama’s understanding of faith, salvation and the gospel message itself are very different from the way most American Christians understand it.

From Fox News (via Weasel Zippers):

President Obama when asked about the attacks from conservatives that he is waging a “war on religion” said that he finds it “puzzling,” particularly because of his first job as a community organizer in Chicago, working with churches where he says he spread the “social gospel.”

In an interview Monday with Des Moines television station WHO he said of the charges, “I find this very puzzling, because my first job, my first real job out of college, was working with churches in low-income communities, trying to make sure that the social gospel was made real, that people were getting help.”

Read more at Fox News

So Obama proudly admits he used to partner with Leftist churches to spread the “Social Gospel.”  And what exactly does the “Social Gospel” teach?

Discover The Networks gives a brief overview:

Flourishing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Social Gospel Movement was a Protestant intellectual phenomenon headed by clergymen who sought to reconcile Christianity with a progressive social agenda; who saw the state as the instrument by which God could intervene in human affairs and promote the collectivism supposedly advocated by Jesus. This collectivism, said exponents of the Social Gospel, held the keys to the eradication of all manner of societal ills – inequality, alcoholism, crime, racism, poverty, ignorance, exploitation, and violence.

Whereas conservative theologians saw redemption and reconciliation strictly as matters between each individual and God, progressives in the Social Gospel Movement held that redemption could only be achieved collectively, by means of unified, social and political activism. They maintained, moreover, that the Second Coming of Christ could not occur until humankind had eliminated all social evils by means of such activism. One notable mouthpiece of the Social Gospel was the Baptist minister and theologian Walter Rauschenbush, who said: “Individualism means tyranny.”

To adherents of the “Social Gospel” heresy, salvation is achieved (yes, achieved, not received) collectively rather than individually, and Obama himself has expressed this belief publicly.   It has to do with people trying to create – through human effort and state coercion – a world where God’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 16:10).    In other words, trying to create Utopia…heaven on earth.   And the Utopia they seek, of course, is Socialist.

Cal Thomas observes at World Magazine:

The social gospel is not new to this president. It is largely a creation of 20th-century Protestants who believed in applying “Christian principles” to rectify society’s problems. Deeds quickly supplanted faith, evolving into a “works salvation” theology, which says if you do enough good works, God will be pleased and let you into Heaven when you die. This contradicts biblical teaching that it is by faith and not works that one is saved from judgment (Ephesians 2:8-9). Some verses teach works as an extension of faith, revealing its depth and seriousness, but they equally teach that works without faith in Jesus is not enough. This is traditional Christian theology. Accept it, or not, but the president is mistaken when he interprets Scripture to achieve his political goals.

Obama Claims Jesus Would Support His Socialist Policies

Liberation Theology, Collective Salvation and Other Heresies

The apostasy of ‘social justice Christians’

How Communist Strategists “Duped” the Religious Left

Obama says he’s ‘Christian by choice’

Americans don’t buy Obama’s – or media’s – claims about his faith

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Study: Each Child Born Today Will Inherit $1.5 Million Of National Debt

If we stopped spending now, we’d only be stuck with a debt burden of $189,000 for every American man, woman and child.  But we’re not stopping.  In fact, Obama wants to accelerate this madness.

This is fiscal child abuse, selling our kids into debt slavery so that the current generation can maintain their irresponsible spending addiction and gorge themselves at the taxpayer trough.

It used to be that older generations strove to leave their children and grandchildren a lasting inheritance and legacy.  Our generation is stiffing our kids and grandkids with a bill for benefits they’ll never get to see – we’ll be bankrupt by then.

From the Washington Free Beacon (via Weasel Zippers):

Children born today will inherent a per capita share of the national debt exceeding $1.5 million, a new study reveals.

Republican analysts on the Senate Budget Committee used figures from the Congressional Budget Office to calculate the relative share of the national debt–currently $16 trillion and counting–among different age groups.

The results are stunning:

Calculate your share of the national debt here.

This Chart of America’s Per Capita Debt Should Worry You

The State of Our Union Is Bankrupt

US Gov’t Is Bankrupt, System of Republican Constitutional Gov’t Is At Stake

Mark Steyn Warns About What the World Will Look Like “After America” If We Don’t Change Course

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